A Week of Firsts

It’s not lost on me that many of my children’s “firsts” are my “lasts.” If I stop and think about it, it feels a little bittersweet. Therefore, it is perfectly logical for me to not focus on the fact that this is the last time I will escort one of my children to 4 year preschool (or Pre-K as they call it here).

I’ll just distract myself with this picture of him being “too cool for school.” Right before we walked out of the house he said to me, “it’s pretty bright out there mom. I think I’m going to need my shades.”



Yes, my boy, your future is very bright indeed.



I couldn’t get a good picture of him after we arrived at school. He was too distracted with all of the exciting things happening. I don’t blame him!

He has two wonderful teachers and a class of 9 boys and 3 girls. Oy! They have their hands full.

You see that red bag he is holding below? All of the kids get them and and their carpool number is tagged on the outside. On the inside is anything I need to take to school and anything they need to communicate with me. Time to pay tuition? They just put the tuition envelope in his bag and I know to send it back the next time. You need to remember to wear your spirit shirt? They staple a reminder note around the bag’s handle so you can’t possibly forget. I love this system!



When I picked him up he was playing with this new fangled toy called…Lincoln Logs. “MOM! We should get these!” Sigh. I didn’t even try to explain that I played with those when I was a kid.

He had a very good day and arrived home to find his giant first day of school cookie waiting for him. It’s one of my kids’ favorite traditions.



He gave it 2 thumbs up! Best of all, he was excited to go back the next day. Oh, and he took a really long afternoon nap. 🙂



There was another first this week too! My kids started karate lessons. They have been asking and asking to learn. I think this stems from watching too many Power Ranger shows.



What I loved most about the class was the emphasis they placed on respect (for self and others) and discipline. I’ve been making the most of reminding the kids to use their “Black Belt” voice, which basically translates into answering questions or requests with a “yes ma’am or no ma’am.” It sounds very Southern and very polite to me and I LOVE IT!




But even if they forget their “yes ma’am,” I’m pretty sure they will remember their “HI- YAHs.”

Watch out for this ninja!




All in all, it’s been a very good week. I am so thankful and happy that my kids are thriving here. It makes the “lasts” not matter so much because the right now and the future are very bright. I’m going to savor that.

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