Bird Nest in a Shoe

Last weekend my husband hopped on the riding lawn mower and set out to tackle the beast of a lawn we are now tasked with maintaining.

Fast forward to the next day and I was using the shop vac to tackle the beast of a mess that had become my car after all of our moving. From there, I moved on to vacuuming the rug outside our back door and then I realized that the shoes my husband was wearing while mowing the day before were FILLED with yard debris. Leaves, moss, twigs, grass. I had no idea how he had even worn those shoes with so much crud in them. It was perplexing.


So, being the nice wife that I am, I vacuumed out his shoes with the shop vac and set them back on the shoe shelf we had outside our back door.

When you move there are some things you plop down until you can figure out where they need to go. You really should move whatever it is to a more appropriate location, but you have 4 trillion other things to do first. Sound familiar? Yeah. Moving this shoe shelf is something that should move up the list. Soon.


Fast forward AGAIN to two days later. I pull into our carport with my 4-year-old playing the role of ever-observant back-seat driver. “Hey, mom! Look at that bird on the shelf!” Silly me, I thought this was just another one of his imaginary stories come to life. Like that time when he told his Pre-K teacher that he had a new family.

Yeah. That was awkward.

Sure enough, I look up to see a cute, little chubby bird flying into the carport with a piece of moss in its beak. Then it lands on the top shelf right inside my husband’s shoe. No. way.


That persistent little bird has been trying to make a nest in and around my husband’s stinky, smelly running shoes for DAYS now. This time, it succeeded with most of the nest around, not in the shoe.

Look how intricate it is! It really is quite amazing.

I can say that because the bird didn’t mess with my shoes! Hahahahahaha!

Clearly, this is the first time we’ve ever lived in a home with a carport instead of a garage. From what I can tell, carports were pretty common several decades ago in Georgia. We definitely have some adjusting to do – especially when it comes to sharing our happy space with wildlife.

So, what do you think happened to the nest? Did we keep it or did it go?

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