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As a married couple we’ve lived in 4 states and moved 9 times. I have ALWAYS wanted a real foyer. You know what I’m talking about? One where you have to take more than half a step inside before you’re in the living room.

Well, be careful what you wish for! Our two homes in Georgia have both had large, wonderful foyers. And guess what? I struggle with how to decorate this type of space. Go figure. Magazines and blogs make it look so effortless. It’s not. To clarify, I’m not whining. I’m ecstatic! I get a new challenge and having an actual foyer is so, so, so worth it! I may never figure out how to make it look amazing, but I’m sure I will torture myself trying.

Here’s what our foyer looks like today using stuff I already own.

This was one of the only walls with the right dimensions to hang my large canvases of the kids. If you’re curious about where I got them, read this post.

Of course, I don’t mind these smiling faces greeting visitors. Distracts from the fact that I really need to do more than vacuum this floor.

The HELLO letters were a quick craft project. I printed out some designs on computer paper and then cut them to fit the front of cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. I’m commitment-phobic about these things, so the paper is just adhered to the letters with double-sided tape.

The table is one I’ve had for a gazillion years. It was from Pier 1. I don’t know if it is in style, but it still floats my boat. However, this space could probably use a more substantial piece. Although, that would cover up some of the trim work that I’m kind of digging right now. First world problems.

When you walk in the house, you can go to the left to the living room or straight ahead to the dining area.  In the dining area are doors that lead to the back patio. As you can see, I still have some pictures to hang!

The front door needs, at a minimum, a new coat of paint. I’m kind of excited to tackle that project!

I’m pretty sure that rug is from Target. This space could definitely handle a larger rug. If I do end up springing for something more substantial I’d want it to be something that I don’t mind people wiping their feet on.


So, that’s what the foyer looks like today! I didn’t show you the wall behind the front door, as there is nothing on it today. I’m still deciding what should go there. Since we don’t have a coat closet, I’m thinking it would be fun to build a coatrack.

I want this space to feel happy and welcoming if anyone ever actually comes to our front door…this seems to be a back door kind of house. We’ll see how this space evolves…IF it evolves over time!

For right now it is simple and sort of clean and that works for me. 🙂

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