A Quiet, Neutral Vignette

I visited a friend’s house the other day and she had the most amazing multi-colored rug and fun, colorful art prints on her walls. It was bright, fun and happy. I loved it! It was a cheery place to hang out and hang out I did!

It got me to thinking about my own home and home-decor choices. While I do have some color in my home, by and large, I tend to go with a lot of neutrals.

Case in point, this vignette, which is located in our dining area and is visible from the front door. Wood tones, black and white, natural elements, texture – these are some of my favorite things!

So, to recap, I like color, neutrals, wood tones, natural elements. Basically, I like everything, but can’t fit it all in my house.

This leads me to the only logical conclusion. I need more than one house, definitely in different geographical locations so that I can have fun decorating with different themes and colors. White, sandy beaches, anyone? I can definitely decorate around that.

I think, as a grow (ahem) older, I’m leaning toward more sentimentality in my artwork. I’ve had these family pictures framed for years and I still love them. I mixed it up this time and hung them in a grid pattern instead of in a straight line. Woah Nelly! Things are getting wild over here.

What I do enjoy about having a neutral background is that I can pop in some color whenever the mood strikes. It might not happen often, but when it does, watch out! 🙂

Is there a “less is more” trend in home decorating? If not, I’m going to start one. I know when I look around my home that in many would regard it as “under-staged.” Meaning, I might not have enough “stuff” out to make my home look “finished.” (Please excuse the over-use of quotation marks in this sentence.)

I have to tell you, when I have too much stuff out I feel agitated. Small appliances on my kitchen countertop? Can’t handle it. No place on an end table for a drink? Not acceptable. A picture on every teeny tiny wall? Can’t do it.

I appreciate the quietness of neutrals right now. Our house can be loud and boisterous with children running in and out and bright, noisy toys scattered here and there. My decor is a calm in the middle of that storm.


The point of my rambling today is to encourage you to decorate and live in your home however makes you feel happy. This is your space! Your little slice of Heaven on Earth. Your oasis and happy spot. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you and that is a glorious thing!

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