Kindergarten Sight Word Flash Cards – Free Printable

I’m a mean mom.

I make my kids do reading, writing and arithmetic during their summer break.

My son just finished up Pre-K and earlier this year I noticed he was starting to put sounds together and showing interest in learning how to read.

So, we dipped our foot in that water and lo and behold, the little stinker knew more than he was letting on!

He’s started reading the Bob Books, but I asked his Pre-K teacher about what sight words he would need to know or would learn next year in kindergarten.

For some reason, I imagined she would give me a handy deck of flash cards to use to facilitate the process of learning these sight words. Ha!

Clearly, I was imagining I was on another planet where teachers aren’t over-worked and under-paid.

Instead, she gave me two sheets of paper. One appropriately titled “Kindergarten Sight Words” and one titled “Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Vocabulary.”

I think I might have still been on this alternate planet when I decided instead of going out and buying a deck of flash cards, I’d make my own.

In my defense, I really love using the laminating machine. It’s true. LOVE IT.

Also, I wanted to make sure we were working on the same words our school district would be using.

The two lists had some overlap and it was interesting to see what the similarities and differences were. I expected “and,” “a,” and “go.” Who knew “pretty” would be on the kindergarten sight word list too? Not me.

I definitely could have purchased a $3 set of cards, but as it turns out, my kids and I had a really pleasant afternoon making these cards.

I had designed the cards earlier in Adobe InDesign, so the fun part was left for them to help with!

They (and a stuffed turtle) helped me put them through the laminating machine.

I cut the cards out with a craft knife and the kids helped with the hole-punching.

My son waited ever so patiently to put the cards on the ring himself and we sounded out each word during this process.

I have no idea how long I’ve had these binder-type rings in my office supply stash. Since college? I knew they’d come in handy one day. #hoardingforthewin


If you’d like to download and use these flash cards too, I’d be so happy to share! They should print just fine on regular 8.5×11 paper. I’m going to give you a choice of a PDF version or a JPG. You don’t even have to laminate them. You could always print them out on card stock too.

Happy learning!


JPG – Page 1
JPG – Page 2
JPG – Page 3
JPG – Page 4
JPG – Page 5
JPG – Page 6
JPG – Page 7
JPG – Page 8
JPG – Page 9

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