Flour Sifter Hack

Warning: This post contains bad lyrics, cheesy rhyming and unnecessary descriptive details. You may want to avert your eyes. I totally understand.

When my husband and I got married, we received many wonderful wedding gifts from our friends and family. Since we were really young when we got married, those gifts were definitely helpful in setting up our house.

One of the items we received was a flour sifter. I’m pretty sure it came bundled with some other baking supplies, but I cannot remember who gave me that gift. I feel bad about that. I also feel bad that I only used the flour sifter a dozen times. Okay, it was more like twice.

Eventually, it made its way into a donate pile. I didn’t use it enough to justify the cupboard space it was taking up.

Fast-forward, ahem, a few years, and I find myself way more domestic than my 21-year-old self ever intended to be. Funny how that happens.

I still don’t have a flour sifter, but I do sift flour regularly. My life is so glamorous. How do I accomplish this Herculean task? I’m so glad you asked. Meet my friend the mesh colander.

Or is it a strainer? Who knows. This poor strainer has been used and abused in my kitchen and probably needs to be replaced, but I’m loyal to my hard-working kitchen tools.

(In other words, I completely forget to get a new one every time I go to Target.)

However, it does a great job of sifting flour.

Hold the colander/strainer over a bowl, pour the flour into this amazing device and get your shake on!

Shake, shake, shake! shake, shake, shake! Shake that strainer. Shake that strainer.

By the way, it is REALLY hard to shake a strainer with one hand and take a picture with the other. I can hold two simultaneous conversations with my children while backing into a parking spot, but picture-taking and flour-sifting are beyond my expertise.

When you are finished, you’ll have a gorgeous bowl of sifted flour! No actual flour sifting apparatus required.

I’m feeling like this post might be a little anti-climatic. Oh, well. It’s FRIDAY!!

If you’re rolling your eyes at me right now, that’s okay! I’m in a wacky mood today. Ha! Anyway, this happy little hack totally works for me in my kitchen! If you’re in a kitchen with no flour sifter, have no fear. The mesh colander is near.

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