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Up-Cycling a Tire into a Hanging Flower Planter

I experienced the joy of a flat tire on a freeway once.

Since I was a capable, smart, educated woman I fully intended to help the roadside assistance guys out by getting the spare tire ready while I waited for them to show up.

This story does not have the ending I envisioned. While I am capable, smart and educated, I do not have the strength of a grown man to extricate a full-size spare tire out from its cage underneath the bottom of a SUV. Nor do I want those kind of manly man muscles. That would look funny.

All this to say, when it comes to projects involving tires, I’m a little skeptical.

Then the Junk Whisperer showed me her old tire planter.

Pretty nifty, right?

Puts a whole new spin on up-cycling.

The process for creating this hanging tire planter is pretty simple.

Number 1: You need an old tire.

You still with me? 😉

As you can see, this one was in sorry shape if you wanted to use it for anything but a planter. Yikes!

Number 2: Spray paint the heck out of it. (That’s clearly a technical term.)

The tire is going to suck up paint like a camel drinking water before a trek across the desert. Fair warning: your pointer finger might get stuck in that “poised to spray” position.

No need to paint the inside of the tire- that’s where the flowers will go.

Number 3: Hang your tire up wherever it will make your heart go pitter-patter….and where you won’t forget to water it.

A cute metal hanger will make the tire look even snazzier hanging on your fence or wall.

This hanger is actually a hose hanger/organizer. The Junk Whisperer can’t remember where she found her hose hanger, but I really like this Frolicking Frog Hose Hanger on Amazon and this Cowboy Hose Organizer is almost too pretty to hide with a hose or a tire.

Number 4: Fill the bottom of the planter with potting soil and plant the happiest flower you can find.

The Junk Whisperer said she didn’t even have to put a drain hole in the bottom of the tire. And that’s not because the tire was already punctured. Ha!

I’m guessing it’s because the rubber tire heats up in the sun and sucks any moisture out at a quick rate.

So, if you have anything less than a green thumb, keep an eye on how much water your little plant needs.


This plant looks happier than any I’ve grown at my house, so I think the Junk Whisperer is also the Flower Whisperer. Or way more diligent about watering her plants. Nah, it couldn’t be that simple could it??? 😉

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