what we've learned about our marriage in quarantine


Tomorrow this fella and I celebrate 17 years of holy matrimony.

Golly. We were babies!

As I was looking for a wedding photo to scan, I found a book of advice written to me by women whom I respect and who have been married decades. It was a blessing to peruse their words and have the experience and confidence to nod my head, yes, yes, oh no way, yes, yes.

If I was to add my advice to the book, here’s what it would be. Don’t try to measure your relationship to anyone else’s. Seriously. Don’t. There is no one who wins at that game. And frankly, you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors or in all of those photos that never get posted on Facebook. Instead, build a relationship with your partner that is just that – a partnership. It’s a relationship that is unique and true to the two of you and must work equally well for each of you.
jeffannisaselfie-dec15Someone’s watching the kids while the parents take pool selfies, right? 

I in no way want to represent that my husband and I have a perfect relationship. I can wholeheartedly assure we do not. To quote the George Strait song, “love isn’t someplace that you fall, it’s something that you do” every. single. day. Even when it’s hard.

We’ve had more highs than lows, more laughs than cries and I can’t tell you how solid it feels to be pursuing our life goals together. At some point, long after the “I do’s” I’m sure, we became an extension of one another. Still individual, but bonded in a way where we share successes, failures, goals, dreams and this crazy ride called life. I’ll speak for both of us when I say we wouldn’t have it any other way.

This post is getting a little more mushy than I’m comfortable with, so I will wrap this up by saying, I’m outrageously blessed to have found my happily ever after. I hope you find yours too.

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