Vintage Wood Gate

I found a wood gate recently. Actually, Handy Husband found it and said, “hey, you should do something with this.”

That sweet talker.


This gate is the real deal.

Kind of like me.

The gate has the weathered patina that can only come from years spent in the elements.

Kind of like…uh…wear sunscreen kids.

It got me thinking, what could I do with this gate?

Use it outside?

Use it inside?

I liked the idea of inside, but that moment of spontaneity struck when Handy Husband wasn’t home. My girl muscles are impressive, but I could still only lift one end of the gate. Getting it in the house without causing damage to persons or property was unlikely.

Instead, I decided to see what other people had done with wood gates.

Surprisingly, not a lot.

Most folks seem to like to tear the gates apart and make other things out of them. GAH!

Then I found this picture on the blogĀ Funky Junk Interiors.

Christmas headboard-0115
That’s pretty cool, right?

Donna at Funk Junk Interiors didn’t stop there. She did this too.

That coat rack might be my spirit animal. I could even see it outside with beach towels. I get a little burst of happy in my veins when I’m contemplating all the possibilities for a found object. Anyone else?

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