Summer Bucket List

Do you guys make a summer bucket list?

I’ve never made one in a formal sense, but I do keep a running list in my head.

I also keep my grocery list in my head and that doesn’t always work out so well. Take it from me, there is a benefit to writing things down.

One thing on our summer bucket list was making s’mores. Simple, but necessary for summer.

I was certain my kids had roasted marshmallows before, but my 6-year-old didn’t remember.

Apparently we’ve installed a healthy fear of fire into the kids, so the idea of letting the marshmallow catch on fire took a little getting used to.

Don’t worry. He got the hang of it.

I have pictures of the sugar rush to prove it.

How many times does a child have to roll down a hill to work off a sugar rush? Way too many.

I’ve decided s’mores taste better when grandma sets up the ingredients on a vintage tv tray.

And when she starts the fire.

And when she hands me a ready-to-eat, gooey s’more.

And when she cleans up the mess.

Grandma’s house is the BEST!

The other things on our bucket list include exploring Ripley’s Believe It or Not, visiting with cousins, going to Disneyland and playing at a splash pad.

Spoiler alert! We’ve conquered this portion of the list.

Summer is off to a most excellent start.

My kids are so happy summer is FINALLY here. I’m so, so, so happy I don’t have to meet the school bus at 6:45 in the morning.

P.S. Here’s a cool summer bucket list printable from Yellow Bliss Road. It would make a great writing activity for the kids.

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