Summer’s Twilight

For us, summer is almost over.

It’s been an extra long one.

Normally, the kids would already be two weeks into their new school year, but Irish schools start a bit later than schools in Georgia.

I call it a moving bonus of sorts. For the kids.

I think of this time of year as summer’s twilight.

The season is coming to a close and I’m going to miss all of the fun summer dished out for us this year.

I’m really going to miss the unscheduled, flexible nature of summer.


I’m taking this week off from blogging to just be in the moment with my kids and husband. We’re going to explore, have a few adventures and top our memory banks up during this last little bit of summer. Summer’s twilight.

And when it’s over, I’m going to try and be ready for the dawn of a new season and all the newness it’s going to bring our way.

Put another way, I’m going to put on my happy face and fake it until I’m used to that alarm going off at oh dark hundred to get the kids up for school!

See you next week!

P.S. Isn’t the Junk Whisperer’s fire pit area dreamy?


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