nightstand with cords everywhere nightstand cord hack
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Nightstand Cord Hack

The reasons I might develop a nervous twitch are the following:
1. All the cords showing everywhere.
2. My children saying “Ew! Who farted?” in public.
3. Tangled cords that seem to multiply when my back is turned.
4. Those little grey hairs that are only growing on my hairline. Probably because of my children.
5. The CORDS.

We charge our phones and other devices on our nightstands. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who does this, so no judging.

I decided to do something about the nightstand cord situation when one night I opted to not charge my phone because I didn’t want to get out of bed to find the charging cord that had fallen behind the nightstand for the umpteenth time. That’s pretty sad.

You can judge now.

Or maybe my bed is just that awesome?

Instead of slapping a label on this situation like, oh say, lazy, I prefer to think of it as working smarter, not harder.

I used to be in marketing. Spin is everything.

nightstand cord hack
The above photo demonstrates my dilemma. First, you could always see a cord dangling behind the nightstand. Second, my precious children would pull the cords around the side of the nightstand and leave their iPads on the floor. Besides the whole “someone might step on this expensive device” problem, putting pressure on where the cord connects into the device eventually results in cord fraying.

There’s also that weird bump out in the wall, but the cord situation is the only issue under my control.

I had intended on using the binder clip hack I saw on Facebook to prevent my cords from falling behind the nightstand.

binderclips-kabels-660x439(Image via Wired)

I quickly realized this solution was not going to work with my particular nightstand. Plus, it turns out black binder clips aren’t very pretty.

Scrap that idea. On to Plan B. I just needed to come up with a Plan B.


I had recently purchased some Decorating Clips made by Command to use for another project. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, so the Decorating Clips were just sitting in the cabinet begging to be used. Begging.

It was worth a try.

nightstand with cords everywhere nightstand cord hack
What I did next was not rocket science, but I took some photos for you anyway.

Here’s a gratuitous and slightly blurry action shot. It happened so fast, I barely caught it.

nightstand with cords everywhere nightstand cord hack
That’s right, folks.

I stuck those Decorating Clips on the back of my nightstand and used the clips to hold the cord in place, effectively hiding it behind the nightstand leg.

I’m probably the last person on the planet to discover these Decorating Clips, but I’m cool with that. I’ve had a lot on my plate, people!

nightstand with cords everywhere nightstand cord hack
The cords for my iPhone and iPad fit perfectly in those Decorating Clips. The clips would not hold a cord that was much larger than this one though.

At the top of the nightstand, I just let the end of the cord hang loose when it’s not charging a device. Since I don’t have to get out of bed to find the cord, I’ll call that a win.

Also, I think there’s a secret code written on the back of my nightstand.

And would someone remove that shiny gold sticker already? Sheesh.

nightstand with cords everywhere nightstand cord hack
I applied this nightstand cord hack to Handy Husband’s nightstand as well.

He’s a lucky fella.

Doesn’t the cord situation look better now? All is right in my world.

nightstand with cords everywhere nightstand cord hack

We’ve been using this nightstand cord hack for a few weeks now and I’m super happy to report that it has been working like a charm. I can cross one reason for developing a nervous twitch off my list.

Now about those grey hairs…

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