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Happy List: #162

Hello, hello from my house to yours!

This week I shared what a day-in-the-life looks like at our house during quarantine. I also shared the antique dry sink that I’m using as a printer stand! Aside from some future electrical work to get outlets in the right spots, our office space is pretty much done. We did not intend for the space to be used as heavily as it is now, but it is working out great.

I’m not sure what we are doing this weekend, but feel free to follow along with our home improvement antics on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too. More seems to happen there than I can get published on the blog.

Now, let’s get this Happy List going!


I’m pretty sure these stairs have three different runners and it looks amazing!

Also, we have some tricky stairs in our house, but I would probably kill myself on these.


Of the 34 weeds identified in this Better Homes and Gardens article, I have 7,000 of them growing in my yard.

Okay. I exaggerate slightly. I have 33 of them. At least.

It was nice to know the proper names for the weeds. I usually just call them all the “the pain-in-the-butt ones.” Now I can more accurately say pain-in-the-butt Smartweed vs. pain-in-the-butt Quickweed.

Yes, Smartweed and Quickweed are actual names.

winter yard clean up with gorilla cart


Speaking of growing things, Handy Husband and the kids have become vegetable farmers during quarantine. All three of them are REALLY into it.

He ordered a bunch of seeds on Amazon from Zziggysgal Seeds and they are growing like crazy under some grow lights in our basement.

I think Handy Husband is going to transfer the plants to pots on our deck until we can get out to a store to buy deer fencing to protect our garden bed.

I love the sayings on the seed envelopes.


The James Dyson Foundation has been putting out science challenges for kids for years. Although, I think some of these would be a challenge for adults too. For instance, could you build a chair from cardboard without using tape or other fastenings?

Here’s the website if you want to see all the different challenges.


I’ve been listening to season 5 of the podcast The Thread, which is about Title IX and the events and women that played a pivotal role in the passing of that legislation. I’ve learned so much and not just about the passion of those involved in this issue, but their intelligence too.

Not being alive yet is not an excuse, but I did not realize that the 1976 Yale University women’s rowing team did so much for women’s sports. The opportunities I took for granted 20 plus years later and that both of my children take for granted now rests on the shoulders of these women and many before them.

Listen to this podcast to get the full scoop on the Yale story. You can also read this ESPN story.

March 3, 1976: Joni Barnett, Yale's Director of Physical Education, listens as Chris Ernst reads the team's grievance. Nina Haight/Yale Daily News

(image: March 3, 1976: Joni Barnett, Yale’s Director of Physical Education, listens as Chris Ernst reads the team’s grievance. Nina Haight/Yale Daily News via ESPN)


I need to mix up our salad dressing choices and this ginger one from Cookie + Kate is one I’m going to try.

ginger salad dressing cookie + kate on the happy list

(image: Cookie + Kate)


Well, hello reclaimed floating wood vanity. I’m wondering how they sealed it?


I would love having a brick floor in a house.

I’m still deciding if it is right for our house.

matt mazur butcher block table on the happy list

(image: Nathan Schroder for D Magazine)

More pictures of this house can be found here. I’m especially drawn to the black trim that is shown in some of the photos (not this photo).


Here’s how I should handle being quarantined:

“Anyone with any degree of mental toughness ought to be able to exist without the things they like most for a few months at least.”Georgia O’Keeffe

But this way sounds better:

“Today me will live in the moment. Unless it’s unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie.” – Cookie Monster

That’s it from me! Thanks for reading the Happy List!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe and healthy. Maybe eat a cookie or three.


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