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Happy List: #191

Hi! Welcome back to the Happy List!

Did you miss me while I was taking a break last week? I missed you all. I’m glad I can connect with you via Instagram and Facebook when I’m not here on the blog.

This week on the blog I shared some updates to the kids’ bedrooms. I had to snap pictures while they were clean to commemorate the moment.

I also shared the freaking amazing Copper Christmas Trees I made out of copper flashing. I’m doing a great job of keeping my humility in check aren’t I? Hahaha! I just love those Christmas trees and enjoyed the heck out of making them.

Now here’s the main event: The Happy List!


I love the simplicity of this room decorated for Christmas.

Also, do you know how hard it is to purposefully drape a blanket on a bed in order to make it look like it wasn’t purposefully draped? Try it. It’s so hard.

true home simple christmas decor via my domaine on the happy list

(image: True Home via My Domaine)


I need to go to Maine. Who wants to go with me? You know, when we can all travel again.

I spent way too much time looking at the portfolio of Maine-based architecture firm, Elliott Architects. You’ll love seeing all of their ideas.

elliott architects photo jeff roberts imaging on the happy list

(image: Jeff Roberts Imaging for Elliott Architects)


I am in absolute AWE of the embroidered portraits done by artist Danielle Clough.

Her designs on vintage tennis rackets are out-of-this-world too!

embroidered portrait by danielle clough via this is colossal on the happy list

(image: Danielle Clough via This is Colossal)


Fodor’s Travel has a really interesting article about quirky winter traditions around the world.

Don’t shoot the messenger for me telling you that in Barcelona nativity scenes have a very unorthodox and sophomoric participant called “El Caganer.” No one really knows why. 

Go read this Fodor’s article for other quirky traditions around the world. 


I’m a sucker for anything personalized with handwriting. This leather tray from Etsy shop Wood Present Studio melts my heart.

engraved leather tray from Wood Present Studio on Etsy on the happy list

(Wood Present Studio via Etsy)


I can’t help it, but every year Winter Song sung by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson gets stuck in my head.

That’s not a complaint! 

Much to Handy Husband’s dismay, I have been known to sing, “Is love alive?” while dealing with the dishes someone left in the sink. Hahahahaha! 

I love this live version. (As a side note, it is hard to play the piano when you are cold.)

If the video doesn’t load, here is the link.


Oh. my.

I laughed so hard at the lengths some pet owners have to go to keep their Christmas trees away from their pets. Go check out this article and you’ll also see a plastic wrapped tree and one in the shower.

Christmas tree protected from pets via sad and useless on the happy list

(image: via Sad and Useless)


“Sometimes its not the strength but gentleness that cracks the hardest shells.”
Richard Paul Evans, Lost December

Thank you so much for reading today’s Happy List! I hope it made you smile.

I’ll see you back here on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!



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