diy witch's broom Scandi-cool Halloween Trend

Proud To Be Part of a Scandi-cool Halloween Trend

Last week I learned Living Etc. featured one of my photos in an article titled “These 5 Scandi-cool Halloween Trends Maintain Your Home’s Style This Spooky Season.”

I’m not exactly sure what Scandi-cool means, but if you want to group me in with anything cool, I’m pretty sure I’m down with that.


I’m not sure. This coolness thing is an uncomfortable feeling.

How do all of you cool people handle the pressure?

This photo of my witch’s broom leaning next to my dining room mantel is the photo that was featured in the article along with photos from other contributors, including Studio McGee!

diy witch's broom Scandi-cool Halloween Trend

Yep, THE Studio McGee with a decorating tv show and a line of products at Target.

I will not lie to you, but I will play it cool (see what I did there?) when I say it felt “pinch me” good to share editorial space on the internet with Studio McGee.

I’m sure they felt the same way about me.

diy witch's broom Scandi-cool Halloween Trend

Will I be resting on my laurels now?

Heck no.

Laurels don’t pay the bills.

Wait. Maybe they do.

Let me Google that real quick like.

*insert annoying hold music here*

Nah. I don’t think shrubs or past accolades pay the bills, but wouldn’t that be great?

Nor do they take care of the myriad of challenges this Colonial Farmhouse presents to us on the regular. And I know for certain they don’t write blog posts or make dinner or take my kids to archery practice!

Scandi-cool Halloween Trend

Is there a point to this rambling?

Yes, but you know I like to work my way up to it, so thank you for indulging me.

I may not know what Scandi-cool is, but I do know that I like what I do right now. I enjoy writing blog posts and connecting with you and working on this old house and taking my kids to archery practice.

I do not enjoy making dinner, but we can’t have everything in life.

I’m grateful to enjoy what I do for work. Periodically over the years someone has said, “We like your idea and want to feature it,” and that feels sweet (and a tad bit uncomfortable) for a few seconds, but it is not what drives me.

Creating a life that works for our family is what drives me. We are very intentional about our choices and how they affect our quality of life and family time.

With that said, what I do for work will probably change at some point because, believe it or not, I have not always been a blogger.

But for the moment, I’m pretty happy.

Thank you for sharing all of these adventures in life and DIY with me. I’d give you a hug if I could. Now, go have a fantastic day!

You’re still here? That’s probably because you’re so stinkin’ cool and you want something else to read. I’ve got you covered! 

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