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Happy List: #317

Hi! Welcome to this week’s Happy List. I’m glad you’re here.

This week on the blog I shared pictures of our fall front porch. I can’t explain why but I love decorating for this season more than any other.

I also wrote about the new curtains in our kitchen, which is another space that is giving off fall vibes. Fall must be my season!

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Here’s the Happy List!


The ambiance! I’d love to sip a drink at The Parlour at Park and Oak.

The barstools look so comfy. Love the brick wall. The little lamps on the bar are perfect too.

the parlour at park and oak illinois on the happy list

(image: The Parlour at Park and Oak)


Do you think I can convince Handy Husband that our front porch needs a brick floor like this one?

You can see more photos of this home at New England Home.

cape cod patio with brick floor photo by luke white for new england home on the happy list

(image: Luke White for New England Home)

P.S. I’m still working to convince him that our kitchen needs a brick floor.


If you or someone in your family has noise sensitivity, I can recommend checking out the Loop earplugs. They make different versions of the earplugs if you need to filter out some background noise so you can concentrate all the way up to earplugs that block all sound.

A friend recommended these after they worked for her child in a school setting where the background noise was just a little too intense. The earplugs come in different colors and have high ratings out of tens of thousands of reviews.

loop earplugs via amazon on the happy list

(image: Amazon)


The fall display at Magnolia is so pretty! You can click here to see all the blue and white figurines. As a lover of the color blue, it’s nice to see blue getting its chance to shine in the fall months.

I have not been to Magnolia yet. Have you?

fall 2023 display at magnolia on the happy list

(image: Magnolia)


This hack using centrifugal force to get the last of the ketchup out of the bottle really does work. As long as you don’t have a shoulder problem it’s kind of fun too!

This technique is so simple I don’t know why I haven’t been doing it my whole life. I’ve also started using the trick with my shampoo and toothpaste. (I use this toothpaste that is the BEST ever and the bottle stands up).

Watch it here.

casey rieger centrifugal force ketchup hack via tik tok on the happy list

(image: Casey Rieger via TikTok)


This culinary trick by Sugar and Cloth to make marshmallow polka dots on the inside of a glass is so cute and clever. It would taste good too, especially with their Cookies and Creme Frozen Espresso Martini. Get all the drink and polka dot details here.

I’m thinking about trying the polka dot trick to make a chocolate milk drink for my kids.

cookies and creme frozen espresso martini recipe from sugar and cloth featuring international delight creamer on the happy list

(image: Sugar and Cloth)


This made me laugh. There’s an Irish Farmer calendar that’s meant to be humorous. The calendar is now in its 14th year and they ship worldwide if this is your thing or you need a gag gift.

2024 irish farmer calendar on the happy list

(image: Irish Farmer Calendar)

P.S. A crossing guard in Ireland is called a lollipop person as a reference to how the crossing guard sign looks. I learned this by helping my son do his first-grade Irish homework. See the below picture for proof.

lollipop person crossing guard in ireland on the happy list

P.P.S. A bin refers to the trash can, which is a far more elegant way of referencing the trash. My kids still use this terminology.


A gallery wall using all woven frames is something I have not seen and this little wall charmed me.

To see more photos of this space by Finding Lovely, click here.

rattan frame gallery wall via finding lovely on the happy list

(image: Finding Lovely)


You Can’t by Maya Abu Al-Hayyat

They will fall in the end,
those who say you can’t.
It’ll be age or boredom that overtakes them,
or lack of imagination.
Sooner or later, all leaves fall to the ground.
You can be the last leaf.
You can convince the universe
that you pose no threat
to the tree’s life.

Translated by Fady Joudah
From You Can Be The Last Leaf
Selected Poems
@milkweed_books 2022.

Thank you for reading today’s Happy List.

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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