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Spring Break 2024 & What’s Trending On Pinterest

Hi! It’s Spring Break!

My kids have been counting down to this week since Christmas.

I’m sure their teachers have been too. Ha!

We are determined to have fun this week, so I will be out of the office, so to speak. New blog posts will resume next Monday.

However, I’m sure I’ll be posting on social media (Instagram or Facebook) this week, so be sure to follow along there if you aren’t already. That’s where all the unpolished, behind-the-scenes stuff happens.

If you’d like some blog posts to tide you over until I return with fresh new content, try one of these:

The darling of Pinterest, the post all about this milk can side table.

Vintage Milk Can Side Table

The one that’s trending upward on Pinterest right now – this live edge side table.

Pinterest really likes tables right now. So do I.

DIY live edge side table from a pretty happy home

Pinterest also dislikes cords as much as I do, so this post about how to hide cords on a standing desk is having a moment.

Go forth and conquer that cord clutter!

how to hide cords on a standing desk standing desk cord hack

P.S. I’m not a fan of this standing desk, but Handy Husband loves it. His employer gave it to him since he works from home, so I’ve had to work it into our decor. I mean, I got to work it into our decor. Yay. Yay?

The one blog post that skews my demographics every year thanks to Pinterest and Google is Basketball Drills for 4 – 6 Year Olds.

Skews it how? Most of my readers are female. Most volunteer basketball coaches are male and they all look for basketball drills in January and February. It’s such a large number of visits from this particular group that it looks like my readership is majority male in this time period. Interesting, right?

basketball drills for 4 -6 year olds

Since it is April 1st, this blog post isn’t trending, but it’s a cute story about April Fool’s Day.

I think it will make you laugh and we all could use a dose of humor in our lives.

An April Fool's Day Story

Be good to yourself and others this week.

I hope you had a good Easter.

I’ll see you back here next Monday. 

Happy Spring Break!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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