green beach club patio umbrella from business and pleasure co in praise of colorful outdoor umbrellas
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In Praise Of: Colorful Patio Umbrellas

Spring has arrived, the temperatures are warming up, and we are so close to being able to dine alfresco. That’s why I have all things outdoor furniture on my mind, including colorful patio umbrellas.

I’ve been solidly in my black and white patio umbrella phase for the last few years. If anything were to tempt me cross over into the land of color, it would be one of these colorful patio umbrellas.

Check them out!

Bourbana 9′ Market Umbrella | Wayfair

A pop of yellow sunshine on your patio would bring a big dose of happy no matter the weather.

bourbon 9 foot market umbrella from wayfair in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Wayfair)

Having the beach in the background wouldn’t hurt either.

Jungle Jumble 9′ Replacement Canopy | World Market

Did you know World Market sells replacement canopies for outdoor umbrellas? That seems way less wasteful if your umbrella apparatus is in good shape and their canopies fit.

jungle jumble replacement canopy for outdoor umbrella from world market in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: World Market)

Dusty Blue Folk Flower Umbrella | Natural Life

Flowers, fringe, fruity drinks on the beach. This is the type of umbrella that would bring a smile to your face every time you encounter it.

dusty blue folk flower patio umbrella from natural life in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Natural Life)

P.S. How did you like my alliteration with words that start with the letter f? Please note how carefully I phrased that question. Hahahaha!

Amalfi UmbrellaBusiness and Pleasure Co.

If you can’t take a Mediterranean vacation, the next best thing is channeling that vibe into your backyard. Isn’t this umbrella pretty?

amalfi umbrella from business and pleasure co in praise of colorful outdoor umbrellas

(image: Business and Pleasure Co.)

I do like that this umbrella has a pop of black in it.

P.S. The green umbrella at the top of this blog post is also from Business and Pleasure Co.

LAGarden Fringe Patio Umbrella | Sears

I am smitten with the retro vibes of the colors scheme of this patio umbrella from Sears. As a side note, Sears also gives me retro vibes.

The wood finial on top of the umbrella is a nice touch too.

LAgarden fringe patio umbrella from sears in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Sears)

Threshold Patio Umbrella | Target

If you’re not committed to bright colors but want to dip your toe in the pattern pool, this striped umbrella from Target might be right for your space.

threshold striped patio umbrella from target in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Target)

Allen and Roth Tropical Umbrella | Lowe’s

Another fringed umbrella. This time with a tropical twist.

Fringed umbrellas seem to be everywhere right now. I don’t know how the fringe looks after a full season outdoors but I think that’s a risk I’d be willing to take.

allen and roth fringed tropical outdoor umbrella in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Lowe’s)

Natalee 100.8″ Outdoor Umbrella | Birch Lane

We’ve seen this scene before. (Birch Lane and Wayfair have the same parent company and, it appears, the same marketing department.)

You know I love stripes and this orange and white striped patio umbrella with the scallops is so happy. It comes in other colors like light blue, tan, grey, etc.

natalee outdoor umbrella orange and white striped patio umbrella with scallops by birch lane in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Birch Lane)

Sunbrella® Smart Umbrella | Crate and Barrel 

This patio umbrella is not super colorful but I’m making an exception because it has really cool features. It automatically closes if it’s windy. You can open and close it with a remote. No more cranking a handle! It has a solar-powered light and a charging port.

With all of those features and the Sunbrella® fabric, I thought it would cost a lot more than $600.

smart umbrella that works with a remote and closes automatically if it is windy from crate and barrel in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Crate and Barrel)

P.S. This is silly, but I’m not a fan of the hand crank on an umbrella because I never know if a bee might be hiding up under the umbrella. I’d love to be able to stand a safe distance back and let a remote do the work.

Tempera 10-Ft Patio Umbrella | Amazon

Business on the top. Party underneath. Fun!

This might be my favorite umbrella of the entire bunch because of the two-toned fabric situation. It got great reviews too, thank goodness. I dislike when products are all looks and no substance.

tempera patio umbrella with two toned fabric solid on top colorful fabric underneath from amazon in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Amazon)

If I could get this umbrella with black and white stripes on top and flowers underneath, I’d be very, very happy.

As a bonus, I’m going to include some amazing umbrella stands that I found while shopping. It’s like peanut butter and jam. Umbrellas and stands go together.

Teak Prism Umbrella Table | Frontgate

Do you think I can convince Handy Husband to make me an umbrella stand and table like this one from Frontgate?

How about if I tell him the price is $900? Do you think that would convince him it’s cheaper to build it?

frontgate prism umbrella table in praise of pretty patio umbrellas

(image: Frontgate)

Deck Mount | Amazon

There would be instances when it would be nice to be able to mount an umbrella to your deck railing instead of having it stuck in the middle of your table. There’s a solution for that! Amazon has a corner mount and a flat mount option.

deck railing mount for outdoor umbrella

(image: Amazon)

Clamshell Umbrella Base | Anthropologie

This might be the prettiest umbrella base I’ve ever seen. It comes in other colors too.

business and pleasure co clamshell umbrella base via anthropologie in praise of colorful patio umbrellas

(image: Anthropologie)

If you follow Ashley from Arrows and Bow, I noticed they have these umbrella stands at their mercantile in Florida.

Whether you go for a colorful patio umbrella option or stick with the black and white stripes like I currently have, I don’t think you can go wrong. The important thing is you’re outside, hopefully with a cold drink in hand, enjoying the warm weather.

Did you have a favorite umbrella on this list? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Spring!

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