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    The Great Garden Misunderstanding

    Our Colonial Farmhouse has a small patch of dirt that was used as an oddly placed garden for many years. The year before we bought the house a new septic system was installed and the garden area was¬†damaged in the process. Add a little neglect to the situation and by the time we moved in the garden bed had become¬†a riot of weeds with a few bits of fencing straining to stay upright. And that’s the nicest thing I can say about that eyesore. We’ve been meaning to remove or clean up the garden area for months, but it just hasn’t been a priority. A few weekends ago, Handy Husband…

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    Removing Rotten Trees and a Chainlink Fence

    Last week I shared how we cleared a sight line to the pool and in that post I mentioned another section of our property that we’ve also been working on clearing and cleaning up. This was the back of our house when we moved in. There was nothing wrong with the back of the house, but there were some areas we knew could be improved upon fairly easily. The chainlink fence is what really bothered me. It wasn’t the prettiest fence ever built. It also made that space unusable since we don’t have a dog and don’t have plans to get a dog. The trees are what really bothered Handy…

  • clearing a sight line to the pool
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    Clearing a Sight Line to the Pool

    One of the perks of buying a really old home is that the landscaping is mature. But with every rule there’s always an exception, right? In the case of our colonial farmhouse, our landscaping had ventured into a realm past mature. I’m not sure how to say this delicately…so I won’t. Every single tree, bush, shrub, weed, flower, vine and blade of grass on the property was overgrown when we moved in. Not just overgrown, but out-of-control. Not just out-of-control, but rapidly taking over anything and everything in its path. It crossed my mind that if I stood still for more than a minute, the Virginia Creeper vine would probably…

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    3 Unexpected Succulent Planters

    I’m excited to show you how I’ve planted my succulents in 3 unexpected planters. I do not have a green thumb, but I seem to be able to keep succulents alive. This is probably because succulents tend to do well with a little neglect less watering than regular houseplants. Now that I’ve inspired your confidence in my abilities (ha!), let’s get to the fun stuff. Pretty much anything is fair game around my house to be used or reused in an unexpected way! Unexpected Succulent Planter #1: Shot Glass This idea could go very tacky very quickly. Believe me, I know. However, we happen to have a brass shot glass that…