• one year without throw pillows

    One Year Without Throw Pillows

    Slap on your party hats because today is an important anniversary. I am celebrating one year without throw pillows! Yes, I know it’s a weird thing to celebrate. I am a little weird though, so just roll with it! I have been a card-carrying member of Team Throw Pillow my entire adult life. I love how throw pillows look. I love how they can quickly change the vibe of your space. I love that they aren’t super expensive. I love the cushiony effect throw pillows provide. But guess what? I’ve also been harboring a grudge against throw pillows for the entire time that I’ve been on Team Throw Pillow. See,…

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    When Your Husband Takes Your Prank Seriously

    Last week the kids and I headed to our nearest Habitat ReStore to see if they had any furniture gems on hand. I’m on the hunt for three dressers, outdoor furniture and a desk. We also really need a couch or some living room chairs, but I anticipate buying those new. This particular ReStore was huge and packed with treasures. I was distracted by this cabinet and thought it would look amazing painted. It wasn’t what I needed at the moment, but the hardware was incredible. Of course we tried out a rocking chair that was missing a seat. That’s what one does when you discover a seatless chair. This…