• 1849 colonial farmhouse
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    Welcome to Our Colonial Farmhouse

    This is not a drill. I repeat! This is not a drill. Our house hunt is over and I can finally talk about our new home without jinxing the deal. Thank goodness! Our new home is actually quite old. Old as in founding fathers old! So without further ado, welcome to our colonial farmhouse! If the story is correct, the original part of this house was supposedly built in the 1780s. The “new” section of the house (shown above) was built around 1849. There is some etching in a stone in the attic with the builder’s name and date to verify the 1849 date. Let me do the math for you. At…

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    Sneak Peek of Our New Home

    Our goal when we found out Handy Husband was transferring back to the U.S. was to buy a home right away. Do you know what the universe said in response to that notion? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! First, we had a little visa renewal issue, which meant we couldn’t leave Ireland to go look for a home. Well, we could leave, but we might not have been able to reenter Ireland. Then we realized it would be helpful with the mortgage process if Handy Husband was officially on the U.S. payroll, which he wasn’t and the transition date was all tied up with this visa issue. Details, details. If those practical matters weren’t…