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    Festive 4th of July Ideas

    I’m either really late sharing my festive 4th of July ideas or really early for next year. Since I’m writing this ‘choose your own adventure’ blog post, I’m going to select the option that says I’m really, really early. Alternatively, I could choose the option that says my purpose today is to get you in the mood for the 4th of July, which is TOMORROW. Ack! No matter the reason, know this…these are all foods or crafts that I’ve personally made and enjoyed the heck out of and I hope you will too. FRESH TRIPLE BERRY PIE You have not lived until you’ve eaten a pie in which the berries…

  • burlap american flag centerpiece using painted burlap
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    Burlap American Flag Centerpiece

    Let me tell you a little something. There’s only so much “settling in” a person can do in a new home before a break is needed. I’d normally take a break on a comfy couch with a cold drink in hand. Maybe kick my feet up on a cute ottoman. Alas, I don’t have a couch yet. Or a cute ottoman. I do have a cold drink though. Priorities! In lieu of time on the couch, I decided I’d recharge with a cold drink and a crafting session. I might not have a place to sit, but I do have paintbrushes. Go figure. I also have a random burlap bag…