Useful Perler Bead Craft

True story.

Last year my daughter participated in an economics project at school involving making a product out of perler beads and then “selling” that product. I had managed to avoid the perler bead craze thus far, but she was over-the-moon about those little plastic cylinders. I got those warm fuzzy feelings seeing her totally jazzed about what she had created.

So, for her birthday which was a few days away, I ordered her a big tub of perler beads.

22,000 perler beads to be exact.


In my defense, perler beads are really cheap – especially on Amazon.

You probably know how this story is going to go.

My daughter opened the perler beads and looked at the container with bewilderment, like she couldn’t figure out why on earth I would get her 22,000
perler beads.


She half-heartedly made a design or two out of the perler beads. Then they went on a shelf. The mocking shelf.

What was I going to do with all of those beads?
Those beads have been mocking me since May, folks. May.

Finally, I came up with an idea of how to use those beads in a useful way. Let’s face it, most perler bead crafts have no inherent purpose other than to buy the mamas a few minutes of peace and quiet, which is awesome…until someone knocks the container of beads over.

My daughter was invited to a birthday party and I decided instead of adorning the gift with a bow, I could use the perler beads to make an initial for the gift’s recipient, our sweet friend Annabelle.

The kids even enthusiastically got in on the action to make this decoration for their friend’s gift.

Perhaps they have a renewed interest in perler beads?

By my count, we still have 21,652 perler beads left to use.

The sky really is the limit with this fun and happy little craft. You could make a shape or design to coordinate with the gift itself, like an animal, airplane, car, etc. You can even leave a gap in the design and use that space to attach a key ring.

And really, isn’t part of the perler bead fun to get them out of my house pass the love along to another house???

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4 thoughts on “Useful Perler Bead Craft

  1. Lisa Thomas

    You always bring a smile to my face…or even make me laugh out loud! Your idea is genius! So much so I came pretty close to getting on Amazon right now… trigger finger itching to press that “place order” button! I am sure Sophia would love to play! Soooooo, did you just hot glue these bad boys together? Did you cut out paper to mount them on and have the kids just glue them together? Do tell!! xoxoxo

    1. annisa Post author

      Just doing my part! 🙂 No, it’s much easier than that. They melt in about 10 seconds from the heat of an iron. Just don’t be like me an forget to put the parchment paper down the first time! They melt EXTRA fast when you forget that step. GAH! You need to order the little board with pegs to place the beads on so that they won’t slide around. Otherwise, you will go MAD, I tell you.


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