antique car horn wreath
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Antique Car Horn Wreath

When you woke up this morning did you think you’d be reading a blog post about an antique car horn wreath?

If you did, I’m slipping a little.

I’ll have to try harder to keep you on your toes.

antique car horn wreath

Like almost all of my DIY projects, this antique car horn wreath is super simple to make.

But where did this idea even come from? Well, it all started with a little thing called curiosity and you know that either gets me in trouble or I end up making something out of junk.

One of the keywords I use to search Facebook Marketplace is brass. I’m on the hunt for a brass coatrack, but I like to see what else is available in my area that is made out of brass.

That’s a pretty normal hobby, right?

On one of those searches I found an antique car horn for sale. I never knew I needed an antique car horn until that very moment.

Not only did I “need” this gorgeous specimen of automotive engineering, it was clearly meant to be mine too. Why? Because the person selling the antique car horn lived just four miles from my house.

Four miles!

Considering that I live in the middle of nowhere, this stranger is practically my neighbor. Our kids probably go to the same school.

antique car horn wreath

If you’ve read this blog for a hot minute then you’ll know I’m prone to overthinking my purchases. So when I see something on Facebook Marketplace that immediately and impulsively has me sending a message to the seller asking if the antique car horn is still available, you know I probably have a fever I’ve fallen in love.

The antique car horn was $20. I did a quick online search and that was a fair price for one of this size (10 inch). It wasn’t a steal, but it wasn’t a ripoff. It was also located close by and that’s worth something too.

The antique car horn is missing the rubber piece that you would squeeze to make the horn sound. I’m probably the only buyer to be happy to purchase a car horn with a missing piece because, for my purposes, I didn’t want it to be obvious that this was an antique car horn.

I just wanted to make a unique Christmas wreath! However, I did not explain this motivation to the seller. He was a dyed-in-the-wool car guy and I wasn’t sure if this idea was blasphemous or not.

antique car horn wreath

All I did to make this antique car horn wreath was to shove some greenery in it. I used real tree clippings and fake berries.

See? I told you this antique car horn wreath was my easiest, most simple DIY wreath ever!

I wanted the shape and patina of the horn to shine through in this antique car horn wreath, and I think it does. Trust me…I tried some more complicated ideas before I pared it back to this look.

The moral of this story is don’t be surprised if you search for brass items on Facebook Marketplace and suddenly find yourself making an antique car horn wreath or something equally random, but amazing.

You’ll be happy you did.

P.S. Antique car horns come in all shapes and sizes. Ebay has a large selection for sale and is a good place to compare prices.

Thank you for hanging out with me today. I hope you leave today with at least one new idea or flash of inspiration! To that end, here are some more posts to peruse because I really want you to feel inspired to make something fun for your home.

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