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Natural Rock Soap Dish

The last day of our trip to the U.S. was pretty special.

First, we got to spend the morning playing with friends. Can’t go wrong there.

After that, I ran into my very first piano teacher. There are a few people God gifted with a sweet spirit and an abundance of talent and she’s one of them. You really need to see her portfolio of oil paintings.

Then, my son got a lesson on how to operate the tractor bucket. Apparently, he now thinks that makes him qualified to help Grandpa make hay next year. He’ll be 8.

Finally, we capped the day off with a trip to the creek with Grandma.

girl playing in creek finding natural rock soap dish

It was a hot day and the creek felt really, really refreshing.

Not “I’m going to submerge my whole body” refreshing, but “put my feet in” refreshing.

Plus, I “forgot” a towel.

And if you can’t throw giant rocks at the creek, where else can you do it?

boy throwing rock in creek finding natural rock soap dish

While I was sitting there enjoying no whining from my kids soaking it all in, I noticed a rock with an interesting shape.

Not just an interesting shape. The PERFECT shape. For a soap dish.

It was as if, over decades, the creek crafted that particular rock for that particular purpose.

(Don’t ask me what happened to this photo, but it’s the only evidence I have, so it’s here. Also, I love my Nike Flip Flops, but proper water shoes would have been better in the river.)

finding natural rock soap dish

When I got home, I should have been packing for our return trip to Ireland, but I have my priorities.

I really wanted to see how soap would look in my newfound treasure!

So I convinced The Junk Whisperer to drag out her handmade soap collection. She doesn’t make it, but she knows some talented people who do. Handmade soap smells the best, doesn’t it?

Then I went outside to see how it would work!

natural rock soap dish found in creek

Yes, I went outside.

Partly because The Junk Whisperer has THE most beautiful landscaping.

natural rock soap dish found in creek

But mostly because the lighting inside makes me look really good was terrible at that moment.

You get the idea though, right?

In the right bathroom – or near an outdoor faucet – this natural rock soap dish would be amazing.

natural rock soap dish found in creek

Nature always does it best.

And I’m so happy she shared this gem with me.

Thanks for letting me yak your ear off today! I have more stories if you have more time!

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