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Happy List: #38

It’s Friday and my week has had more drama than usual, so I feel ready to EXHALE and regroup.

On Monday I shared my happy little golf ball pumpkins. The hardest part about this craft is waiting for the paint to dry.

On Wednesday I shared the books my kids read over the summer. One of our favorite books involved a Flying Diaper. What’s not to love about that?

Here’s a big dose of the random things this week that made me smile, nod or say, “That’s such a great idea!”


Here’s an AMAZING free printable for you all. It was designed by Ashley from The Handmade Home.

Enjoy the little things – it’s a great reminder, isn’t it?

This graphic prints out in a size up to 30×36. If you framed it for someone, it would be an awesome gift!


As a new school year starts, so does an entire new round of volunteering.

This is a sign that should be in a lot more places.

Be kind to the volunteers out there serving in our communities, schools and other organizations.


This pantry by David Heide Design Studio was carved out of the narrow and shallow place between the wall studs.

if you have a spot to create this in your home, it would be a storage game changer. A space like this could serve as shoe storage near a front door too.


Doesn’t this breakfast look heavenly?

And that’s lemon whipped cream on top of the lemon poppy seed waffles. YUM!

Get the recipe at Two Peas and Their Pod.


I am a big, mushy sucker for a craft with my children’s handprints.

I would have saved this shirt forever if one of my kid’s had made it in school. If you turned it into a pillow, you could bust it out at Halloween for years to come!

Tutorial for this DIY shirt can be found at The 36th Avenue.


Recycling bins are necessary, but they can be space hogs.

I never thought to make a simple wall holder like this one! Clever!

This is also a good example of how a project doesn’t necessarily have to be “pretty” to really improve how your space functions.

More info on this idea here.


Angie from Knick of Time has been making book page bows, which are super cute. I don’t know where I’d use them, but I like them all the same!

She has a great tutorial on how to make your own.


I love a dramatic ceiling.

I also find it interesting that the kitchen island in this photo doesn’t have seating.

This space is featured in the design portfolio of 2to5 Design.


It’s hard to tell in this picture, but this is not real rock candy!

The tutorial for this magnet craft is at Handmade Charlotte. My daughter would think this was a cool idea.

Thank you for sharing part of your Friday with me. I know there are much bigger things going on in the world, so I’m happy you found your way here today.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you have time to create something that brings you joy.

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