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Happy List: #69

Welcome back and happy Friday!

This week I took a design quiz to help me through my style ‘crisis.’ It was very therapeutic. Did you take it?

I also shared how to wear your kids out what to do if you only have one day in London with kids.

Now, let’s get on to the main event! The Happy List!


Why do I always think sherbet is sherBERT? That’s embarrassing.

I thought this recipe for Margarita Lime Sherbet from Around My Family Table looked good for Cinco de Mayo. You need an ice cream maker though, so if that’s not an option just go out for a margarita!

(image: Around My Family Table)


Truer words have never been written!

This makeup bag cracks me up!


Never mind what I said about going out for margaritas. I almost forgot that Handy Husband has a KILLER margarita recipe. One too many margaritas will do that to you!

I kid, I kid.

You can make his drink recipe with or without the raspberries.


I’ve been itching to try peel and stick wallpaper for awhile now. Waiting was probably a good idea because the patterns have improved so much over the past few years.

I loved seeing this picture of mixing wallpapers because it never dawned on me to try it.


I have two burning questions.

  1. Do you think this Magnolia basket is sturdy enough to survive actual use?
  2. Are baskets expensive because they are hard to make? Or because certain brands can demand a premium? Or both?

Oops. That sort of morphed into more than two questions.

(image: Magnolia)


Cilantro seems to be one of those polarizing herbs. You either love it or hate it!

I’m on Team Cilantro, so this dressing by What’s Gaby Cooking is one I want to try.

(image: What’s Gaby Cooking)


I have a sudden urge to try and grow topiaries.


This space by Boxwood Avenue is just lovely.

I probably wouldn’t even mind doing laundry here.

(image: Boxwood Avenue)

Happy (almost) Cinco de Mayo! Thanks for being part of my world. Have a great weekend!


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