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Memorial Day

Is it correct to say “happy” Memorial Day?

After all, it is a day to remember those who died serving in the United States armed forces.

Perhaps it is just one of those things we say because the holiday has also morphed into the unofficial start of summer and a long weekend to spend with friends and family.

Happy might not be the right word, but I am extraordinarily grateful for the men and women who have served our nation.

There was a period in our country’s history when military service was required. Having never lived through an era when I was really ‘forced’ to do anything, not to mention something life threatening, it’s hard to comprehend the situation these soldiers would have found themselves in – especially given living conditions in the 1700s and 1800s.

And now I think of all the people who volunteer to serve in the military. These are men and women who willingly step into harm’s way in pursuit of ideals bigger than any one person.

It seems to me that we need more people who are willing to serve. Not necessarily in the military, but in service of the greater good. A society of narcissists and a culture of ‘me, me, me’ is no society at all.

There are plenty of ways we all can (and do) contribute to the greater good. There are also plenty of reasons why contributing to the greater good actually helps us individually too. In fact, we teach our kids the basics of that concept when we teach them how to share.

I was going to go all preachy at this point (you know I’m usually happy to climb up on a soapbox), but I decided I’d rather spend my time self-reflecting today.

You lucked out!

More listening. More thinking. Less talk. Yep, it’s a bit ironic for a person who makes a living talking writing. But completely necessary.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


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