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Happy List: #125


I’m so happy I have internet again so I could prep this post for you. Although, not having internet for awhile during our move was kind of nice!

As of tomorrow we will be done with our old house, so not making the drive back and forth between the residences will be a load off.

On Monday I shared some exterior pictures of our new home. We’re still in the steep learning curve of figuring out where all the light switches are only to remember that this house doesn’t have nearly enough lights! As it turns out, some of the rooms don’t have overhead lights, but I didn’t catch that tiny, important detail until we moved in. It’s summer. It’s fine.

On Wednesday I shared another place where lighting is critical – in the depths of a mine! I really do encourage you to tour a mine at least once in your lifetime. It’s eye-opening.

Here’s the Happy List!


If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist ceiling fan then check out this one from Wayfair.

I’m not sure this would work in my house, but I do like how unfussy it is.

modern ceiling fan from wayfair

(image: Wayfair)


I’d totally eat whatever was served up in this gorgeous outdoor kitchen!

I even like the antler detail.

outdoor farm kitchen jean allsopp Birmingham home and garden

(image: Jean Allsopp via Birmingham Home & Garden)


I’ll admit I’m curious about this recipe from Pinch of Yum because it has the word magic in the title. Will it live up to the hype?!?

Frankly, I could use a little magic in my cooking because I’m definitely in a rut.

magic green sauce from pinch of yum

(image: Pinch of Yum)


If I was really good with details I would attempt a feature wall like this one from This Simplicite.

I don’t think I could get away with just eyeballing the cuts on this project though!

feature wall this simplicite


First, this girl hails from the town I used to work in. We’d move back to Minnesota in a heartbeat.

Second, this is the most creative use of flashcards that I’ve ever seen.


Have you hopped on the jade roller bandwagon? I’m skeptical of these trends not backed by science.

However, we have more than one jade roller in our house. Yep, I fell hard for this trend. I don’t think a jade roller is actually smoothing my skin or getting rid of my under eye circles, but a girl can dream.

I use it because it feels SO DARN RELAXING. It’s like a mini face massage.

I keep one in my nightstand. I keep another on my son’s nightstand to use during story time – multitasking for the win! I keep our third jade roller in the freezer! Any time I feel one of those tension headaches coming on in my temples, I use the jade roller and I think it shocks the headache out of my head! It probably just constricts the blood vessels like an ice pack would, but an ice pack doesn’t give me a mini massage.

Good Housekeeping has an article on the jade roller claims if you’re interested.


If you are interested in Stonehenge, then you might like their new live feed.

It will show you where the planets are above Stonehenge at any point in the day.

stonehenge live stream

(image: Stonehenge)


This wallpapered wall made me smile. That is all.

zebra wallpaper via domino

(image: Alexandra Ribar via Domino)

I believe that wallpaper is from Etsy.

You should check out the closet in this Ohio home too. Also bright and happy.


I listened to this podcast about the rise of modern evangelicals. I did not know that the Southern Baptist Convention supported legalizing abortion in a wide variety of cases in 1971 and continuing on for most of the 1970s. I’m not trying to get anyone riled up here. My mind was genuinely blown over this bit of history! I actually had to go find and read all of their resolutions on this topic because I didn’t quite believe it. History is interesting.

I read this controversial article on why trail runners are lazy parasites because they supposedly don’t help maintain trails like hikers and mountain bikers do. Uh, should I ask Handy Husband how many trails he’s helped maintain?!?! Probably not.

Happy Friday, friends. I hope you have a good weekend.

I’m off to tackle a very long list of house to-do items!



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  • Sandy Smith

    Sounds like you move is causing a few injuries. I’m glad nothing serious happened. I’m sure that being a century old home you are going to find lots of surprises in regards to electrical and plumbing. However knowing you, you will come up with some good solutions. Enjoy getting settled.

    • annisa

      Yep! We owned another old home and the joke was you never opened up a wall unless you were prepared to rebuild the whole house based on what you found. Ha! Opening a wall in an old house is never simple. We did update some outlets last night to make sure they had proper grounding, etc. Little by Little.

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