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Happy List: #190

Hello, friends! I’m glad you are here for another edition of the Happy List!

This week on the blog I shared some easy Christmas decor ideas from Christmases past! Has anyone started decorating for the holidays yet? I haven’t really, but I have started working on some Christmas-related projects, so there is a bit of Christmas haphazardly scattered here and there.

I also shared how the amazing Handy Husband removed a dog door from one of our doors and made that door look brand new. I’m pretty lucky to be the recipient of his woodworking skills.

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Here’s the Happy List!


First of all, this house is amazing. Second, I have never seen window treatments quite like this – burlap fabric hung by boat cleats.

I love how it looks in these photos. I’m wondering if this idea is translatable to other people’s homes? Like mine.

The photos in this Remodelista article have other examples of these window treatments so you can get an idea of how it works.

hein cozzi provincetown house burlap window treatments via remodelista on the happy list

(image: Remodelista)


The founders of Izzy Wheels, sisters Ailbhe and Izzy Keane, have teamed up with Hello Kitty to create new wheelchair wheel covers for adults and children. 

This is very neat!

Izzy Wheels is Dublin-based, but they ship worldwide. They have so many wheel cover designs to choose from! 

izzy wheels collaboration with hello kitty on the happy list

(image: Photography by Sarah Doyle. Courtesy of Izzy Wheels)


“I asked my dad if I have ever made him cry in front of me before, because I don’t remember ever seeing him cry. He said, “Once.”

He told me that when I was 3 years old, he laid out a pen, a dollar, and a toy of some sort in front of me. He wanted to see which one I would pick. I think that a lot of Chinese people do that…It represents what you’ll value most when you grow up. Like the pen is intelligence, money is, well, money, and the toy is fun. He was just doing it out of curiosity and boredom. It was interesting for him to see which one I’d pick anyway. He said that I just sat there and stared at the items. He sat across from me and waited patiently.

According to him, I crawled towards them, he held his breath, and I pushed everything aside and went right into his arms. He didn’t realize that he was one of the choices. And that was the first, and the only time I made him cry.”  

(- via Gladwire/FB and @allthingsgoodco)


I always find a ton of inspiration when I visit Vin ‘yet Etc and today you have to check out the Thanksgiving Wreath that Laurie made. She also has some other vintage-inspired wreath ideas in this post that are fantastic too!

vintage thanksgiving wreath out of old wheel on vinyl etc on the happy list

(image: Vin ‘yet Etc)


Zippia (a career site) analyzed Google Trends and came up with a list of most popular Thanksgiving sides by state.

I’m not sure how accurate this data is because I grew up in Oregon and not once do I remember having biscuits at Thanksgiving. Rolls, yes. Not biscuits.

It’s still fun though! I loved living in the South and having Mac and Cheese and Sweet Potato Casserole at Thanksgiving Dinner.


favorite thanksgiving sides 2020 via zippia on the happy list


However weird you feel, you are not alone. That’s the message in this animated short created by UK children’s charity Childline.

I could argue adults feel this way too!


I love seeing how people repurpose everyday objects into art.

Artist Peter Szucsy has been making steampunk spiders and other creatures out of vintage watches, cameras, and medical equipment. So cool, right?

steampunk spider peter saucy

(image: Peter Szucsy)


This is a pretty cool closet door!

The directions can be found in this Domino article.

$45 closet door DIY via domino on the happy list

(image: via Domino)


Let’s end today with a riddle!

I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I? 


Do you know the answer? 

Get ready because I’m about to share it…

The answer is a map! 

Did you guess correctly?

That’s it for today’s Happy List. 

Thank you for being here. It makes my day and I hope it is a bright spot in yours as well.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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