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What is the Best Sound in the World?

What is the best sound in the world to you?

I have been thinking about this question lately. I’m curious to know what you think is the best sound in the world.

If you had to pick only one sound, what would it be?

Is it the sound of the waves crashing against the shore?

Is it the sound of a cat purring?

Is it the sound of your baby’s first cry after being brought into this world?

Is it the sound of “I love you” coming from your partner’s lips?

Is it the sound of rain coming down on your roof?

Is it the sound of your name being called as you walk across the stage to accept your diploma?

Is it the sound of a quiet house before everyone wakes up in the morning?

Is it the sound of your favorite song coming on the radio?

Is it the sound of birds chirping on a warm spring day? 

For me, without a doubt, the best sound in the world is my children’s laughter. 

Everyone else’s laughter is great too, but it doesn’t touch me deep in my soul like hearing my kids laugh. 

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The last year has been HARD with the Covid-19 pandemic. We have made choices for our family that have serious downsides. Choices that I know are right for us and contribute to the common good, but are still difficult. 

Are there really any good choices during a pandemic? Or are there just less worse choices? 

Choices made during a pandemic are akin to drawing a bad hand of cards and when you discard and redraw you have an even crappier hand. Then you exclaim, “I don’t like this game!” but the dealer just laughs. And round and round you go. 

A year into this pandemic and with parental guilt an ever-present devil on my shoulder, the sound that stops me in my tracks and banishes the devil on my shoulder is my children laughing.

Not just a giggle, but a full on, uncontrollable, gut-busting laugh.

Kids laugh with such abandon and that laughter floats through the air on the wings of hope.

Hope that maybe, just maybe my kids will come out of this pandemic okay. Not only physically okay, but emotionally okay too. 

When I hear my kids laughing, I can’t help but smile because their happiness is infectious. I can’t help but feel grateful for all the ways our lives have been blessed in the last year. 

In fact, it might be better that they don’t know how deep their laughter touches my soul because I’d give them anything they asked for in that moment just to hear them laugh a little longer. 

So, I’ll ask again? What is the best sound in the world to you? Feel free to share or just ponder the question as you go about your day. 

P.S. I’m only sharing pictures of my kids that I’ve shared before on this blog. No current pictures because the kids are particular about what is shared online of them, as they should be. The family photo is an old one and was taken by our good friend Megan Davidson. She’s the best and I miss seeing her face in person! 

I hope you enjoyed this break from our regularly scheduled programming of DIY and old house adventures. I don’t “stay in my lane” well, except for when I’m actually driving a car. Sometimes I have thoughts and feelings inside of me that I need to send out into the world, so thanks for being here. Here are some other posts you might enjoy.

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