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Happy List: #202

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Happy List!

I’m glad you are here.

This week was a fun one on the blog! At least it was a fun one for me because I love sharing projects! I wrote about a vinyl tile pedestal stand we created and a glazed terracotta pot makeover. Both of those DIY projects get a lot of daily use around these parts.

Once again, here is my shameless plug for you to join me on Instagram or Facebook. I love to connect with you here and there. Please keep in mind that I’m not on Facebook much, but I am all over those Instagram messages.

Now, here’s the Happy List. Enjoy!


I have been drawn to kitchens with this type of terracotta floor tiles lately. I think this is because I’ve seen it or something similar used in older homes in England. I know it’s not for every space, but in the right setting it is fantastic.

This home was done by Heidi Callier Design and her portfolio is a treasure trove of ideas!

Heidi Callier Design terra cotta floors n28 tudor on the happy list

(image: Heidi Callier Design)


If you have Amazon Prime, then you MUST WATCH Victorian Farm.

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Finn live the life of Victorian-era farmers using only the materials that would have been available in 1885. Our whole family (even the 10-year-old) has been riveted by this historical documentary/reality show.

Since our home existed through the Victorian period, we learned so much about what life would have been like in this house.

victorian farm via the BBC on the happy list

(image: via the BBC)

The same trio also did Secrets of the Castle. That was fascinating. We are currently watching them in Edwardian Farm, which would be recreating life in the early 1900s.

Did you know people used to send chickens down chimneys to clean out soot? Wow, right? They also used bundles of holly.


I know it is clickbait, but I still clicked on the “20 Ingenious Uses for WD-40” article in Popular Science.

I have not used WD-40 in ages, but I have a dusty can sitting on a shelf somewhere and I need an ingenious use for it! Ha! 

Do you know what I could have used WD-40 for recently? To keep snow from sticking to my snow shovel. That’s been a legit problem recently.


I’ve never made fried eggs this way. Ever.

In fact, about the only time I made fried eggs is when I’ve cooked up bacon and can fry them in bacon grease.

If the video doesn’t load, here is the direct link.


This DIY Copper Hair Clip by Paper & Stitch makes me want to have long hair.

Or maybe I just want to make hair clips because it looks like fun!

diy copper hair clip by paper and stitch on the happy list

(image: Paper & Stitch)


I guess I have food on the brain all the time this week.

Handy Husband does not enjoy cooked broccoli or cauliflower, so this Roasted Broccoli with Thai-Style Vinaigrette recipe from The Wednesday Chef is all for me!

broccoli with thai vinaigrette from the wednesday chef on the happy list

(image: The Wednesday Chef)


Did you know there’s a website called Find a Spring where you can find a spring to collect fresh water?

For each spring listing on this site there is a designation for hot or cold spring, free or fee-based, directions, user comments, and sometimes water testing data.

I know there’s a fresh spring really close to where I grew up and it was fun to see it on the map. It did surprise me that there were a lot of places in the U.S. that didn’t have springs listed. I wondered if that was because there aren’t enough people using the site in those places or if there just really aren’t springs in the middle of the country.

find a spring map on the happy list


I know you guys are vocabulary masters, but it may help you to replace the word ‘ere’ in your mind with ‘before’ as you read this poem to get its full impact. Enjoy. 

I Have a Rendezvous With Life
Countee Cullen – 1903-1946

I have a rendezvous with Life,
In days I hope will come,
Ere youth has sped, and strength of mind,
Ere voices sweet grow dumb.
I have a rendezvous with Life,
When Spring’s first heralds hum.
Sure some would cry it’s better far
To crown their days with sleep
Than face the road, the wind and rain,
To heed the calling deep.
Though wet nor blow nor space I fear,
Yet fear I deeply, too,
Lest Death should meet and claim me ere
I keep Life’s rendezvous.

Thanks for reading today’s Happy List!

Enjoy your weekend. Be good to yourself and others!

I’ll see you back here on Monday.



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