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About That Baby Book

I’m taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to wish a very happy birthday to my kids!

Yep. Both of them. This week.

If you are new here, my kids were born 3 years and 1 day apart.

I started blogging when they were about this age…

Now they are wrapping up their last year in elementary and middle school.

Don’t worry. I’m handling it well.

Well-ish. Actually, let’s not talk about it.

Have I ever told you they started reading my blog this year? The pandemic boredom must have really gotten to them. Ha!

They change their minds regularly on what they feel comfortable being shared about them here, so I really don’t share much anymore. Plus, this ol’ money pit Colonial Farmhouse gives us plenty of things to write about.

However, my kids LOVE reading the blog posts about their little kids antics. I’m so glad I wrote about those times or situations because otherwise I would have forgotten all the funny things they did when they were little.

In fact, I think I’ll call my blog their baby book. Heaven knows I never did finish their actual baby books. Oops.

Happy birthday, kids. I’ll love you with my whole being forever.

P.S. I’ll be back on Friday with a regular and robust Happy List!


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