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Happy List: #224

Hello and welcome to this week’s Happy List!

Oh, this week has been interesting! In between all the regular stuff and doctor visits for school physicals and required immunizations we snuck away to go river rafting with the kids. It’s so much fun to do stuff like this with the kids now that they are old enough.

This week on the blog I shared how our painted pool coping has held up. Yes, I know this was an ultra niche blog post, but I write about our projects whether or not they appeal or pertain to the masses.

However, I think the masses do like autumn pumpkin season, so I also shared a round up of pumpkin crafts and decorating ideas. Whether we are in denial or not, September and the change of the seasons will be here very soon.

If you aren’t following along with our DIY antics on Instagram or Facebook stories, I invite you to follow us there. If you create something I should see, please tag me! I love to see your ideas come to life!

Now, here’s the Happy List!


This setting is magical.

Also, I need to go to Tuscany. STAT.

tuscany landscape designer Luciano Giubbilei via desire to inspire on the happy list

(image: Landscape Designer Luciano Giubbilei via Desire to Inspire)

If you want to see the landscape plan for this garden, scroll to the bottom of this set of pictures.


This story made me smile! A lost beach ball has become the talk of a Wisconsin town.

One post on the town’s Facebook page asking if someone lost a beach ball turned into a Where’s Waldo thing with town residents signing the beach ball when it was spotted and sending it on its way to another part of town.

I love this spontaneous, all in good fun type of story! Read about it here.

giant beach ball in wisconsin via good news network on the happy list

(image: via Good News Network)


I should try this. You should too!

This DIY Woven Bench by Lauren Petroff is brilliant because the woven part isn’t structural. It’s just covering over a plain wood top.

Get the directions here. I especially thought the corner application was brilliant.

diy woven leather bench house and home lauren petroff on the happy list

(image: Kim Jeffery | design by Lauren Petroff for House and Home)


In parts of California you can pedal railbikes along old, abandoned rail lines.

How cool is that? I would totally do this!

Learn more about it in this This is Colossal article.

railbike mendocino bikeway brendan McGuigan via this is colossal on the happy list

(image: Brendan McGuigan, Mendocino Bikeway via This is Colossal)


Can anyone relate to this exchange I had with my youngest child?

mommy am i in charge daddy is on the happy list

P.S. I sleep better assuming that autocorrect was responsible for the your/you’re situation.


I’m a fan of a two-tone chair, especially when it looks as inviting as this blue and white chair does.

two tone chair house and home Kim Jeffery Cameron MacNeil on the happy list

(image: Kim Jeffery | design by Cameron MacNeil for House and Home)

I wasn’t joking about loving two-toned chairs. We have a set in our office!


Handy Husband bought these running shorts two months ago and loves them.

I like it when he wears them…just saying.

They have a hidden phone pocket, built-in compression shorts, zippered pockets, a reflective stripe on the back, and were only $23.

P.S. Handy Husband wouldn’t model the shorts for this blog post, so you get  the stock photo.

leidowei men's shorts on amazon


If you haven’t gone for a hike yet this summer, DO IT! It’s possible to find a hike for every skill ability.

Even if you’re walking just a short way on a flat surface to a viewpoint, I promise it will be good for your heart, mind, and soul.

The best waterfall hike we’ve taken in a good long while is at Robert Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York.

robert reman state park on the happy list


I let the flies bite me when I meditate by Nick Demske

because I am a blood abundance
and it is said that when you yield an amplitude
it is right to give
of the surplus
and who among us would not bring forth
an teardrop of hemoglobin
if it would feed a starving beggar
and who among us could not afford
to spare a raindrop in the flash flood

O I saith unto thee,
it is this abundance
which hath bowed our backs
this bounty—

like a price
on our heads,
which hang—

but here have come
mine guardian angels
to alight upon me
and banquet,

to sit at meat
and to make my burden


Thanks for reading today’s Happy List!

Be good to yourself and others this weekend!


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