vintage brass display stand in praise of pretty tablet stands

In Praise Of: Pretty Tablet Stands

Every time it appears in a photo or video, I get compliments and questions about the brass tablet stand that holds my laptop or iPad while it charges.

I agree, it is pretty amazing.

My tablet stand is vintage from the 1970s, which means it’s not really a tablet stand. We were still typing on typewriters in the 1970s, not laptops and tablets. My oh my, how things have changed.

My stand held a memento from my parents’ wedding. I’ve used it to display various pictures over the years, but now it functions as a beautiful and practical display stand for a laptop or iPad.

I wondered if I could find this exact brass display stand somewhere online. Unfortunately, I did not on the particular day I went down the internet rabbit hole. However, I did find other pretty tablet stands to share with you today. Some of these are specifically called tablet stands. Others are cookbook stands. I think they are interchangeable now.

Check out these pretty tablet stands.

Brass Display Stand | Etsy

This brass display stand comes in various sizes and ranges between $17 and $37 (at the time of this blog post) depending on size. This shop has a 5-star rating from over 1,800 reviews.

brass display stand from blessed mart via etsy in praise of tabletop brass display stand

(image: Blessed Mart via Etsy)

Ornate Brass Display Stand | Etsy

The same Etsy shop from above also sells this more ornate version of a brass display stand. This one looks very similar to mine! It ranges from $34 to $146 (at the time of this blog post) depending on the size you order.

ornate brass display stand from blessed mart via etsy in praise of tabletop brass display stand

(image: Blessed Mart via Etsy)

Antiqued Wood Scalloped Cookbook Holder | Magnolia

Scallops will forever have my heart. This wood cookbook holder from Magnolia has a beautiful wood tone and would work great for your tablet.

scalloped wood cookbook holder from magnolia in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: Magnolia)

Cast Iron Tablet Stand | Amazon

How can you go wrong with anything made from cast iron? It will last forever. Just don’t drop it on your toe. That sucker is probably heavy!

This stand also comes in red and white and is priced at around $40.

cast iron tablet stand via amazon cast iron cookbook stand in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: Amazon)

Aqua Metal Book Holder | Target

I love the vintage vibes of this metal cookbook holder from Target. It should easily work as a tablet holder if you swing those chains around to the back. It’s around $40.

aqua metal book holder from target in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: Target)

Wood Bead Cookbook Holder | Amazon

The wood beads on this cookbook holder definitely make it stand out from other wood book and tablet holders. You could also DIY something like this.

It was listed at $43 when I wrote this.

wood bead cookbook holder from mud pie store on amazon in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: Amazon)

Colorful Tablet Stand | Uncommon Goods

This colorful tablet stand from Uncommon Goods is so happy! This folds flat and if you look closely, you can see it has a hole for the charging cord. Love that.

It was $69 and on sale for $56 when I wrote this.

colorful tablet stand from uncommon goods in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: Uncommon Goods)

Metal Bamboo Stand | Amazon

I’m not sure about the quality of this one because it doesn’t have enough reviews but I didn’t see anything else like it in my search. It looks like it is made from bamboo, but it is metal. It’s so pretty!

It was listed at $33.

metal bamboo tablet stand via amazon in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: Amazon)

Resin Cookbook or Tablet Stand | Etsy

I am mesmerized by acrylic and resin art. Isn’t this ocean-themed cookbook or tablet stand so pretty?

For all of my Pacific Northwest folks, this Etsy shop is located in Vancouver, Washington. Plus, this tablet holder is only $50, which is very comparable price-wise to all the other tablet holders listed today and this one is handmade!

ocean theme resin art cookbook or tablet holder from vj pemberton art via etsy in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: VJ Pemberton Art via Etsy)

Modern Tablet Holder | All Modern

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a sleek version of a tablet holder on this list. I love the simplicity of this one from All Modern. It is only $26.

yamazaki plywood tablet stand from all modern in praise of pretty tablet stands

(image: All Modern)

What do you think of these pretty tablet stands? Quite the mix, right?

Do you use a tablet stand or a cookbook stand? Do you keep yours in the kitchen or elsewhere like we do? I’d love to know.

You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy decorating!

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