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    Add New Ribbon on an Old Picture Frame

    I recently saved an old picture frame by adding new ribbon to it. It was one of those highly satisfying, but unexpectedly annoying projects. By that I mean my expectation was this craft project would take five minutes. In reality, the train veered off the track on this project, went down an embankment, and an hour later the train was dented and crushed, but I saved the cargo and called the project good. Gee. Dramatic much? I realize sharing my experience in this way might dissuade instead of motivate you to try to add new ribbon on an old picture frame. That’s not my intent. My intent is to encourage…

  • Crafts,  decorating

    Wrapped String Art Using a Frame, String and Glue

    What do you do when your child comes home with ANOTHER special piece of artwork and wants that artwork framed? You could punt the request until they forget and then mysteriously lose that artwork on garbage day. Ahem.  Not that I would know anything about that. Or, you could IMPROVISE. Improvise is my middle name means to make something out of whatever is available. That certainly is a recurring theme around this slice of the internet and what brings us to today’s project. The art in question is bright, happy and not at all symmetrically cut. It had definitely experienced a rough ride home in a backpack. My daughter loved the…