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    Wood Bowl Makeover

    Keep an eye out for cheap wood bowls at thrift stores because with a quick wood bowl makeover you’ll have something that looks like a million bucks. I should say quick-ish makeover. Time is all relative, but this wood bowl makeover should take less than an hour. All you need is a wood bowl with a terrible finish and a sander. I found this wavy, wood bowl at the thrift store for $1. It makes me ridiculously excited that I can still find things for a buck. I was relatively confident that a pretty wood grain was hiding underneath that heavily-glazed, orange finish. All I needed to do was sand…

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    Makeover: Dresser with Brass Details

    My love affair with my local Habitat ReStore is still going strong. In early August I found a small dresser with brass accents at the ReStore. When I spotted those brass accents it was like the heavens opened up and angels began singing. Honestly, I need to have this sort of reaction when I find a piece of used furniture in order to go through the herculean effort to get it home and refinish it. We all have our barometers. Mine is angels singing. Totally normal, right? As you can see, the dresser had a hutch on top that I still do not understand. It has the same brass edging…