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Clothespin Holder

I know this is no way to start a Monday, but I have laundry on my brain.

I trust yours is all done, folded and put away.

Mine is hanging on the line.


For the first time in my life, I bought clothespins to use for their intended purpose: hanging clothes. What a novel concept! (These are just like my clothespins.)

It got me to thinking about the Junk Whisperer’s (aka my stepmom) laundry room.

She has a super cute vintage clothespin holder made to look like a dress.

It’s darling, right?

When I visited her home earlier this summer, I mentioned off-hand that it would be fun to make a clothespin holder like hers. I imagined repurposing an old shirt or maybe one of my daughter’s dresses into a clothespin holder similar to this one.

Now that I have legitimate clothespins and nowhere pretty or practical to put them, I might have to go back to this idea.

First I need to get settled here in Ireland. But right after that!

The rest of the Junk Whisperer’s laundry room is fun, but not fussy. Perfect for a farmhouse where someone quite literally might be dropping their drawers so they don’t track hay and muck into the house.



Hanging above the Junk Whisperer’s folding counter is a Country Bloomers cross stitch creation. “Oh yeah, I made that” she tells me, like it was no big deal.

I had a fling with cross stitch in my younger years.

I stitched a cute little animal about 1-inch square before my patience wore thin. Or my mother’s patience with my lack of patience wore thin. Potato, pota-toh. The mother-daughter relationship is beautifully complicated.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I have a great appreciation for the time and detail that went into this work of art.


In case you are wondering, the Junk Whisperer’s laundry room looks like this all the time.

I moved my laundry off the counters to quickly snap this shot.

She really loves it when I come to visit.

Truth be told, I almost didn’t write about the Junk Whisperer’s laundry room.

I took the pictures on a whim one day after coming in from photographing something outside. I love this room and what she’s done with it (the red door makes me swoon), but the pictures didn’t turn out like I wanted.

I was going to chuck ’em, but the sign on her wall gave me a good proverbial kick in the pants.

Attitude is everything. Pick a good one. 

Chores like laundry can be a drag – especially without American-sized washers and dryers. Moving is hard. Being an adult and making priorities isn’t always as cool as my kids think it is.

My attitude is what makes or breaks all of those things. There are plenty of things I can’t control in life. I can choose my attitude. And we all know the saying, “when mama is happy, everyone is happy!”


P.S. I absolutely LOVE this free printable from the fabulous ladies at Shanty2Chic. It seems quite appropriate for today!


P.P.S. If you like the Junk Whisperer’s sign, I found one almost like it on Amazon for $14.98 and I believe shipping is free as of today.

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How to Get the Sweat Smell Out of Workout Clothes

I’m airing my dirty laundry today.

I’ve mentioned before that my husband runs to work. I do mean that literally. He runs 6.5 miles each way. Maybe once or twice a week I have mercy on him and offer him a ride, but he usually prefers to round-trip it. That’s 13 miles per day in the Atlanta heat and humidity. When he gets home, he looks like he has jumped into a lake during a rainstorm. He’s that wet. There is not a dry spot on him. He leaves sweaty footprints on the floor if I don’t have a towel out for him to stand on. It’s gross.

no-one-ever-drowned-in-sweat-best-motivational-running-quotes-300x300                                                                                                       image from

Now, I’m not trying to pick on him, it’s just to illustrate that our laundry situation is not for the faint of heart.

When my husband started running, I realized that even after I laundered his clothes, they still smelled. I couldn’t get the sweat smell out. I tried multiple washings, I tried specialty products. Nothing worked. I hope we aren’t the only ones with this problem! Maybe his sweat is just extra…special??

It took some trial, error and desperation, but I found a solution that works for us.


If should be noted that my husband doesn’t run in cotton shirts or shorts. He’s wearing actual running/workout clothes – the dry fit type. These clothes happen to be made of that product we all used to make fun of – polyester.

So, here’s what I do to get his clothes smelling fresh and clean. Start with a bucket, large pot or even your sink if you can give it up for a few hours.



Next, you’ll need some Oxiclean and some dirty workout clothes. The Oxiclean folks don’t know me, this is just what I’ve found works. I used to get the generic version from Target, but I haven’t seen it in awhile. It worked just the same.



You’re going to want to use an entire scoop of OxiClean. I know, I know. It seems like a lot – it is. Add the entire scoop to no more than 4 pieces of clothing. You need a super high concentration of the Oxiclean for it to work its magic.



Fill your bucket, pot or sink with hot water, making sure to fully dissolve the Oxiclean. You’ll want enough water to cover the clothing and give the clothes a little space to move.



Agitate the mixture a little. I’ll use a spoon, tongs – that water is HOT! It’s almost as if you are making a sweaty clothes soup. Eww. Don’t worry…this pot is strictly reserved for laundry. I swear I don’t make chili in it. Or do I? 😉




You’ll want the mixture to sit for at least a few hours until the water has cooled. If you remember, give it a stir every once in awhile to agitate the clothes.


When the clothes are finished soaking it is time to drain the water off. The fun just keeps coming, folks!

Now, when I drain the water off it is brown. It’s really gross. I then throw the clothes into the washing machine and wash them with cold water. Since I’m usually combining them with other clothes to make a full load, there will be a little bit more OxiClean added to the machine. (I add it to every load I do.)

The last part is very important. Make sure you AIR DRY the clothes. Putting them in the dryer is not good – that just bakes the smell in. Air dry is the way to go.

I hope this works for you if you have the same stinky, sweaty problem we do. Not everyone does, I realize. My hubby is just…talented that way, I suppose! 🙂 Anyway, having clothes that smell springy fresh makes me much happier…until I have to clean them again! Ah, the circle of life…errr, laundry.

P.S. Please read the labels on your clothing before deciding to use this method. Not following the manufacturer’s directions is risky and I’m sure can lead to unintended results. If your clothes are already ruined because they stink, then you have nothing to lose. P.S.S. Kudos to you to working out and getting sweaty. Keep it up! 

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