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    Clothespin Holder

    I know this is no way to start a Monday, but I have laundry on my brain. I trust yours is all done, folded and put away. Mine is hanging on the line. For the first time in my life, I bought clothespins to use for their intended purpose: hanging clothes. What a novel concept! (These are just like my clothespins.) It got me to thinking about the Junk Whisperer’s (aka my stepmom) laundry room. She has a super cute vintage clothespin holder made to look like a dress. It’s darling, right? When I visited her home earlier this summer, I mentioned off-hand that it would be fun to make a clothespin holder like…

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    How to Get the Sweat Smell Out of Workout Clothes

    I’m airing my dirty laundry today. I’ve mentioned before that my husband runs to work. I do mean that literally. He runs 6.5 miles each way. Maybe once or twice a week I have mercy on him and offer him a ride, but he usually prefers to round-trip it. That’s 13 miles per day in the Atlanta heat and humidity. When he gets home, he looks like he has jumped into a lake during a rainstorm. He’s that wet. There is not a dry spot on him. He leaves sweaty footprints on the floor if I don’t have a towel out for him to stand on. It’s gross.      …