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Felt Wreath

Some people¬†decorate with oil paintings, animal head sculptures, found objects and let’s not forget that chevron trend.

I think I’ve found my decorating “thing” though.


That’s right, felt.

I’m a little enamored with these 25 cent sheets of crafty possibilities.

Either that or I’m reliving my childhood. No matter!

When this trend gets a rollin’, be sure and remind HGTV it started here. ūüėČ

I already showed you my yarn and felt wreath and now I made whatever this is called. How about a stick-it-in-a-frame wreath? I sure am on top of the technical jargon today.

To make the felt wreath I first cut out a piece of card stock into a large doughnut shape. This was going to be my wreath form. Since I was going to place the wreath inside of a frame, it could be flat.

Then I cut out felt leaves of similar sizes and hot glued them to the wreath form, overlapping as I went.

When that part was complete, I started making the poinsettias. I cut out 8 red petals per flower and one circular piece for the center of each flower and glued them in place on top of the green leaves.


I happily stuck my felt wreath¬†in a frame with gold wrapping paper as a background and called it holiday art. Then I asked myself, “what else can I make with felt?” True story.

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