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Happy List #8

It feels like the first week of December flew by!

This week I shared pictures of our foyer decked out for Christmas and some images of how retailers in Ireland are getting into the Christmas spirit. I’ve been busy over on Instagram too!

Here’s what’s on my Happy List this week…


Personally, I think my girlfriends should schedule their getaways in Ireland. With me.

But, if you insist on relaxing without me, here are some getaway ideas from Country Living. The one shown below is from my home state of Oregon. Not too shabby, right?

1480454858-oregon-suttleadirondak_byremygomez(image via)


Some of my best memories with friends are the unplanned ones.

The times when the group of kids that get off the school bus together beg the moms for an impromptu play date. Secretly, us moms like it because the kids are entertained and we can sit and chat for a few minutes an hour.

Or the times back in Oregon when we’d say, “we feel like BBQing, who wants to come over tomorrow?” Our friends would bring some food…especially the important things like dessert and booze. I could put my youngest to bed at his normal bedtime and then I’d be able to stay up way past my bedtime, which isn’t all that hard to do since I go to bed before 10 p.m.

There was nothing Pinterest-worthy about any of these gatherings. I couldn’t even find a photo – at least one I was willing to share. But, many a night was spent laughing away on this deck, looking out at this view. Riverdale-Exterior8

This author reminds us that it’s more fun if we approach getting together in a more casual way. There’s not a lot of planning or cleaning. It’s way less stressful and a lot more fun. I will say, you do have to have the right friends for this. The ones that aren’t judging you because your laundry isn’t done. Again.


Why do we have Christmas trees?

Why does everyone in Ireland eat mince pies during the holidays? So many mince pies.

Who is the magical person that delivers presents to kids? It’s different based on your country!

This article helps answer all of your Christmas tradition questions.



This looks like a Junk Whisperer project. Am I right? She has some pretty terrific mason jar lids.

I feel like the tree needs a stem, but I love the clever use of materials.

Learn more about this project from Funky Junk Interiors.



A childhood friend just launched a new site called TravelSprouts. It’s all about traveling with kids: tips to make it easier, helpful products, staying healthy while traveling and more.

Go check it out! I know she’d appreciate the love!



Karianne at Thistlewood Farms created a Scrabble tile tree that is right up my alley. I think this would make a fun DIY gift for a friend or a teacher. Or me.


Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you enjoy your weekend.


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