Winter Home Inspiration from New Jersey

One of the reasons I’m enjoying living on the East Coast is that there is a seemingly limitless supply of old home eye candy.

You’d think this feast for the eyes would get, well, old, but it hasn’t.

Here is some winter home inspiration from New Jersey for your viewing pleasure today.

This blue home covered in snow looks like a real-life doll house with that gorgeous white trim all covered in snow.

I’m also swooning over the little balcony on the second story. SWOONING.

winter home inspiration from new jersey

I drive by this home frequently and this isn’t even its best angle. It’s not even the front of the house.

This is the left side of the house and it has that awesome covered porch. Talk about a great place to hang out in warmer weather!

winter home inspiration from new jersey

They have a barn with a stone foundation too and you know how much I love old barns!

Now, this home is a true work of art!

Sure, it is more castle than home.

Sure, it is more gingerbread than drywall.

Let’s not get distracted by these little things. Soak in the artistry instead!

winter home inspiration from new jersey

There is an annual gingerbread showcase at The Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown, New Jersey. This Disney castle is actually a submission from last year. The gingerbread homes are submitted by people in all age categories and it is a delightful, awe-inspiring experience. Just don’t go on a weekend if you can help it. The line to get in will snake out the building!

It’s hard to tell unless you zoom in, but the below photo is of a historic, albeit updated, home. It has those old-fashioned slim, double doors that are drop-dead gorgeous.

I find this style of doors impractical because each door panel is so narrow. I don’t understand how women with huge skirts and petticoats made it in and out of the house without opening both doors. Then imagine doing that while holding a baby, a diaper bag, and a sack of flour. Wait. Did they have diaper bags 150 years ago?

The point is I’m a walking contradiction because I wish our home had this type of door.

winter home inspiration from new jersey

Oh, and did you notice the letterbox?

What I love most about this home is that they took a house with pretty basic architecture and jazzed it up with that bright yellow door. It’s so happy!

I’ve never lived in a home where I thought a yellow door would be appropriate, but I can’t help but smile every time I see a home with one.

winter home inspiration from new jersey

Also, their holiday garland is awesome.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the dedication the below homeowners have to spreading joy with this spectacular Christmas light display?

winter home inspiration from new jersey

It also makes me wonder: where do they store all of those lights?

I love the understated look of this home.

Also, their narrow double doors have screens on the outside. Not the ugly kind of screens that we produce today, but ornate, works of art in and of themselves. I’m back to swooning, guys.

winter home inspiration from new jersey

Last, but not least, I couldn’t write a post about winter home inspiration from New Jersey and not show you a picture of our Colonial Farmhouse in the snow.

If you can’t shamelessly self promote on your own blog, where else can you?

winter home inspiration from new jersey

Well, are you feeling inspired?

Aren’t old homes the best?

I mean, they are also money pits that are probably drafty and have bad wiring, but they are also THE BEST.

Aren’t you happy that I give you the straight talk on this blog? HA!

Thanks for reading today’s post about winter home inspiration from New Jersey. Still craving more inspiration? You’ve come to the right place…

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  • Sandy Smith

    Thank you for the tour of homes. They are all beautiful and unique. I love the tall narrow doors too. Yes I wonder how those women got in and out of the house with all the skirts they wore. There are pluses to the 2019 age but I think living in those homes in the early years (for a little while) would be great.

    BTW I love your big house. Keep promoting it.

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