taco corgi from collageorama on etsy unique art for big kid spaces

Unique Art for Big Kid Spaces

I went down the Etsy rabbit hole looking for art for our bedroom and instead found a slew of cool, unique art for big kid spaces. There are so many talented artists in the world! 

When I find random things here and there that I like (or in this case that my kids would like) I usually put them in a Happy List post. One random thing is fine for the Happy List. Two things in the same category is pushing it, but I’ll allow it.

Three things in the same category?

Three means you have to make a completely separate blog post because my boss is a tyrant.

True story. I’m typing this up on a Friday night. FRIDAY! 

I actually ended up with way more than three cool art ideas.

I legit had to tell myself to STOP SCROLLING. 

Here is my favorite (as of today) list of unique art for big kid spaces in no particular order:


When I think of Star Wars fans, I don’t often associate the word subtle with them. Passionate, yes. Subtle, maybe not. 

However, if you want a subtle Star Wars theme for a big kid space, then this trio of posters from Big Time Posters fits the bill.

You can have them printed with or without movie titles. 

I love the colors! 

star wars inspired posters via etsy big time posters on the happy list

(image: Big Time Posters via Etsy)


There were so many unique art options to pick from Collageorama, that it was hard to show you just one. In fact, I couldn’t pick just one, so the image at the top of this post is also from Collageorama.

The important thing about these whimsical prints is that they are printed on old dictionary pages. This company saves old dictionaries, carefully removes the pages, and then prints their artwork on them. 

How cool is that?

squirrel on dictionary page via etsy collageorama on the happy list

(image: CollageOrama via Etsy)


An automotive theme is probably an obvious choice for a big kid space, but there are prints and drawings out there (like the one below) that can stay with them for a lifetime. 

I would definitely use pencil drawings of old cars in my home in the right space. 

A grouping of pencil drawn old cars by Good Old Cars would be awesome. This Aston Martin was one of my favorites.

Good Old Cars illustration via etsy

(image: Good Old Cars via Etsy)


If your kid has a travel bucket list, then travel images might be right for their space.

The Etsy shop called Selby has a bunch of colorful city skyline prints from all over the U.S. and the world. 


(image: Selby via Etsy)


I have a big animal fan in my house! 

The shop Cocktail Zoo has the funnest, most whimsical animal prints that could work for a little or big kid space. Depends on what else you pair the animal print with. 

JACK Russell flying on paper airplane from cocktail zoo via etsy

(image: Cocktail Zoo via Etsy)


The minimalist art from Flat Owl on Etsy would be awesome in so many different spaces.

I like the orange, yellow, and pinks of this print for a girl’s room.

retro daydreaming art from Flatowl on etsy

(image: Flat Owl via Etsy)


I paged through A LOT of art on Etsy before I saw anything like this abstract art on a pine board from Mud Horse Art.

There were a bunch of different options, so it was hard for me to just pick one. These are very cool.

abstract art on pine from mud horse art on etsy

(image: Mud Horse Art via Etsy)


This one is for the dogs! I thought this print from Gemini Studio Art was a fun mashup of a few things: music, golden retrievers, and that retro record vibe. 

This art comes in different variations for different dog breeds. 

golden records art for gemini studio art on etsy

(image: Gemini Studio Art via Etsy)


For the Batman franchise fans, how about this Joker quote from Peanut Oak Print

joker quote poster from peanut oak print on etsy

(image: Peanut Oak Print via Etsy)

Also, doesn’t every teenager think this about their parents at least once a day? 


I’m including this custom cat portrait from Lilidiprima on Etsy because my daughter would love it.

She draws custom cat pictures for her friends, so I know this is a thing people enjoy. 

custom cat portrait from lilidiprima on etsy

(image: Lilidiprima via Etsy)

Soda Pop is a fun name for a cat!


Before I leave you with these ideas swirling around in your head, I’d like to remind you that found art is pretty cool too!

I once found hubcaps in an old barn and used them to decorate my son’s room. 

hubcap art unique art for big kid spaces

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Whatever strikes your fancy, evokes an emotion, makes you happy – just go with it! 

Most of the art in my kids’ current rooms is thrifted, found, or DIY-ed, but if you are sticking to a theme it would be so much easier to find unique art for big kid spaces by shopping online. 

Have fun!

If you’d rather DIY some unique art for a big kid spaces, then check out one of these posts!

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