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Happy List: #293

Hello! Welcome to today’s Happy List and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope you have fun plans for your St. Patrick’s Day! We attended a parade last weekend and tonight we will be having all the green-colored foods for dinner.

This week on the blog I shared a post all about basket walls. If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories you’ll know that I’ve had a go at making a mini basket wall.

I also shared one of my favorite blog posts from the archives about the kindness of the Irish people. The people really are the best part of Ireland and I learned that firsthand while living there.

But now I’m in New Jersey. Life sure does have its twists and turns, doesn’t it? Ha! So have mercy on me and please reach out by leaving a comment or sharing this site with your friends. You can also connect with us on Instagram or Facebook. I look forward to chatting.

Here’s the luckiest list of the day, the Happy List!


A company in Australia has invented plastic wrap made out of potatoes. This means that it is fully compostable. It breaks down in 180 days.

The only problem? It’s more expensive…at least right now. It’s available for purchase in the U.S. and Australia here.

great mate starter kit plastic wrap made from potatoes on the happy list(image: Great Wrap)

P.S. I love the reusable container you can put the plastic wrap rolls in. It’s made out of recycled bottles.


I thought this was a great use for felt and there are so many ways you could put your own spin on this idea!

Details on this Easter wreath can be found at Cottage in the Mitten.

easy easter bunny wreath with felt from Cottage in the Mitten on the happy list

(image: Cottage in the Mitten)


I’d love to visit Amsterdam and try out this swing atop a building. It’s 300 feet off the ground. Would you do it?

over the edge swing amsterdam on the happy list

(image: A’dam Lookout)

P.S. I’m going to have to wait because tickets to Amsterdam are way too expensive from Newark right now.


Have you seen a door with a window like this? I think I like it better than a Dutch door. If I lived somewhere that didn’t have bugs, I’d be all over this idea.

This whole house by Mindy Gayer Design Co. is absolutely beautiful. Check it out here.

midday gayer design co cottage front door with openable window on the happy list

(image: Mindy Gayer Design Co.)


Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d share a blog post about that time when we moved to Ireland and I did not know what a hot press was.

Learn through my mistakes here. Everything did work out how it was supposed to!

irish hot press


I don’t know what to focus on first with this photo: the bench, the stairs, the wall, the beams. It’s so cool.

This house by J.J. Interiors was featured at Town & Country Living. Check out all the photos here.

JJ interiors colorful ranch retreat game room via town and country living on the happy list

(image: J.J. Interiors via Town & Country Living)


This was too good not to share! A friend sent me a picture of this calendar. She was visiting her 91-year-old friend who had just moved into a retirement home. This is the monthly activity calendar for the residents.

I think I want to live there! In March they are having Peanut Cluster Day, Napping Day, Lips Appreciation Day, Smart and Sexy Day, and Chocolate Covered Raisins Day, among others. What’s not to enjoy about any of that?

funny resident calendar for retirement home on the happy list

P.S. I am glossing over Weed Appreciation Day because I’m not sure I want to know what happens on that day in a retirement home. Or maybe I do? Haha!


Roxanne from The Honeycomb Home upgraded basic hollow core bifold doors in the most impressive way. The best part? It wasn’t hard! I love ideas like this.

Get the details here.

diy upgraded bifold doors with ventilation dots from the honeycomb home on the happy list

(image: The Honeycomb Home)


If you’re enjoying a Guinness today, here’s a toast you can try on your companions. Let me know how they like it. Ha!

“Here’s to you and here’s to me,
I pray that friends we’ll always be,
but if by chance we disagree,
the heck with you and here’s to me.”

Thank you for reading today’s Happy List.

Be good to yourself and others this weekend.

I’ll see you back here on Monday.


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