• Vintage Game Gallery Wall

    Vintage Game Gallery Wall

    While I’d like you to think I have a grand design plan, some of my favorite spaces in our home happen by accident. The cat’s out of the bag now! Take the vintage game gallery wall in my son’s room. I didn’t set out to create a vintage game gallery wall (say that five times fast) when we moved into the Colonial Farmhouse. In fact, I thought we’d continue with the automotive theme he’s had for quite awhile. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Then one day in a fit of “we must use this or lose this,” I decided to hang a vintage Carrom board on his wall. Carrom…

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    Gallery Wall with a Car Theme

    One project leads to another! At this point in my DIY adventures, that phrase is the leading contender to go on my tombstone. HA! When I gave my son’s bookrack a makeover, I took the opportunity to move the bookrack to a different wall. It just made more sense for how the space was being utilized. That freed up the wall where the bookrack used to reside for some art. I decided to use the space to create a gallery wall with a car theme. It’s perfect for a boy’s bedroom. I believe this bedoom was an attic conversion, so the ceiling angles have a lot of…what’s the word I’m…