Convert a Dining Table Into a Coffee Table
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My Dining Table Is Now a Coffee Table

Do you remember when I bought a $9.60 round dining table at the Habitat Restore and making over that table almost sent me over the edge?

That was fun.

round dining table makeover

Fast forward several months and the scars from the traumatic table makeover experience were healing nicely.

Then I realized why that table might have been donated to the Habitat Restore in the first place.

The top kept coming loose from the base. I’d tighten it and then people would put their elbows on the table (!) and eventually the top would loosen up again.

The solution was clear. Either I could teach my family manners or we could stop eating all together.


Those solutions seemed a little drastic.

Perhaps the simpler solution would be to get new bolts for the table base?

No. This is me we are talking about.

The simpler solution was to switch out the table with another one I already had.

The round dining table was taken apart and banished to the basement.

Fast forward several more months and we moved into the Colonial Farmhouse.

(Beware! Progress pictures ahead.)

Convert a Dining Table Into a Coffee Table

Our living room is pretty big and I knew it could handle a large coffee table. That’s when I was glad I had banished saved the round dining table top. I knew we could easily convert the 48-inch round dining table into a coffee table.

After all, I still loved the blue color of the table top and despite all my woes with the paint job, it had held up well.

I just needed a new base for it that would be coffee table height. Of course when I “need” something for a design project I can’t ever find the right thing. Why is that?

So we took the 16-inch metal hairpin legs off another table (this Lego table we made) and screwed them into the round top. It was instant love!

Convert a Dining Table Into a Coffee Table

As an added bonus, the top didn’t wobble anymore!

I’m still idly on the lookout for a different base, but for now I’m quite pleased we could convert a dining table into a coffee table!

The next thing on my to-do list is to paint the living room. It may surprise you, but a yellow fireplace with a stenciled paint job isn’t the vibe I’m going for in this room. Also, the picture frame molding looks wonky because I did manage to paint the ceiling of this room before we moved our furniture in and things got a little messy.

I am happy with progress though!

Living Room Sources:

Sofa – Rivet Andrews Leather Sofa, 82″ W, Cognac – Amazon

Rug – Safavieh Monaco Collection MNC243N Vintage Bohemian Navy and Light Blue Distressed Area Rug (8′ x 10′) – Amazon

Clock – 15 years old from a store in Minnesota

Metal Hairpin Legs, old from Amazon – similar ones:  16″ Heavy Duty Hairpin Coffee Table Legs (Set of 4), 3/8″ Thick

Copper Planter – Thrifted and discussed in this post

Ladder – Found

Blankets and Quilts – Handmade, Super Old

Rocking Chair – Left in the Colonial Farmhouse

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  • Sandy Smith

    You are so clever and have such an eye for making things work! I love the blue rug and the coffee table. I can’t wait to see the finished room. Where do you have your piano?

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