• wood flag american flag on wood door
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    Wood Flag Painted on an Old Door

    Our Colonial Farmhouse dates back to the 1780s. The small barn on our property isn’t quite that old, but we know it is over 100 years old. On the side of our barn hung a wood flag. Well, what was left of it. The American flag was only recognizable on that strip of wood because that symbol is imprinted on our subconscious. I didn’t hang the wood flag there. I don’t know how long it had been hanging there. Suffice to say, that poor wood flag had seen a storm or two. We actually didn’t realize the American flag was on a wood door until we took the flag down.…

  • black metal roof carriage house

    Trying Out An Electronic Lock

    Do you have an electronic lock on any of the doors in your home? If so, do you have strong feelings about it either good or bad? We just got our first electronic lock and I must admit, it’s kind of handy! The first thing anyone in the real estate field will tell you to do when you buy a new house is to change the locks! You don’t know how many keys for your house are floating around out there and who is in possession of them. Sound advice, don’t you think? Do we heed sound advice? Of course! Except in one peculiar instance. I shouldn’t even mention this out loud, but we did not have…

  • How to Remove a Dog Door From a Wood Door and Repair the Damage

    How to Remove a Dog Door From a Wood Door and Repair the Damage

    Do you want to know how to remove a dog door from a wood door and then repair the damage to that door? Oh, good! You’re in the right spot. I need to caution you. This is not a beginner woodworking project, but it is totally doable with patience and the right tools.  We had a solid wood door that we deemed was worth the effort to remove the dog door and repair the hole that had been cut into the door to make way for the dog door. Here are the steps we took to return this door to its (almost) original glory.Step #1: Unscrew the dog door and remove all the door components.  The…

  • old new bathroom closet
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    A New Old Closet Door for our Bathroom

    We have a new old closet door for our bathroom. Did that sentence even make sense? Don’t worry. I’ll over explain what I meant in nauseating detail. Our main floor bathroom is a special place. It’s special because it even exists. This house was built before indoor plumbing was invented. It’s special because of its awkward location. Bathrooms were often tacked on to the end of an old house when indoor plumbing was eventually added. It’s special because holy moly it needed to be updated in the worst way. Here’s the bathroom on the day we took possession of the Colonial Farmhouse. Please note this was how we found the bathroom. None of the items you see…