• Use for old hubcaps magnetic Bulletin Board
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    Use for Old Hubcaps: Magnetic Bulletin Board

    Today’s post is not a DIY. It’s more of a PSA. Did you know that old hubcaps (the many decades old ones) were made of stainless steel? It’s corrosion resistant, which made for a great wheel cover – until plastic hubcaps came around in the 1970s. If you find a hubcap that is made of stainless steel then there’s a good chance it is magnetic. If a magnet will stick to the hubcap then voila! You now have a creative use for old hubcaps as a magnetic bulletin board. Are you as excited as I am right now for this discovery? I thought so. There might not be space to…

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    Souvenir Penny Magnets

    My son collects souvenir pennies when we visit tourist attractions. Souvenir pennies are small, inexpensive and apparently not illegal to make, so I feel like we are winning on all fronts. Much like the playing cards that I collect, a souvenir penny is a neat reminder of a visit to a specific place. Plus, this is something my son can collect his entire life. I’m not knocking the souvenir stuffed animal with this comment either. Okay, maybe a little, but we have more stuffed animals than Noah and his ark and at some point kids outgrow stuffed animals. Right?!?! Now, the problem with 8-year-olds and teeny tiny souvenirs is that…