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Trash to Treasure Mirror

Pop quiz!

Do you remember the trash I pulled out of our neighbor’s dumpster? Then I fast walked raced home with it like “there’s nothing to see here, nothing to see.”

It still makes me feel weird.

But I loved it! Still do!

I turned that junky object into a 4th of July wreath, which I thought turned out pretty cool.

I also laugh at my own jokes, so take all of that self assessment with a grain of salt!

I mentioned this junky treasure might not stay a wreath.

As the decorating fates would have it, I came up with a more practical use for it and I’m nothing if not practical.

Which brings me to our downstairs bathroom. It is a GEM. An absolute gem…from several decades ago.

I’m beyond grateful to even have this space, but the mirror and all of the other fixtures are quite dated. I should probably take pictures for you, but I haven’t figured out how to contort my body in such a way as to get a clear picture of the tiny space.

Maybe if I took up yoga…


Anyway, I’ve been casually looking for a new mirror I could hang in the bathroom. Something I can take with me when I move. Nothing has really struck my fancy yet.

I have to tell you, online shopping aside, it is amazing what you do not purchase when you have to run it through the filter of ‘do I want to carry this home in my backpack?’ Maybe that’s the real reason Handy Husband likes Ireland so much…no Hobby Lobby, no HomeGoods, etc.

I had an inkling the really dated mirror in our bathroom just might fit inside my junky circle thing though.

And lo and behold, it DID! Spatial reasoning for the win!

This was clearly a match made in dumpster heaven!

Now, I know you’re wondering what I have against plastic peach mirrors?

If it was a Millennium Pink mirror, I might embrace its trendiness, but alas, it was more 1980s pastel peach and that hasn’t made a comeback. Yet.

So my creepy-looking hand (this picture makes it look weird) and I got to work covering over the peach part of the mirror.

Rope and hot glue. Two things I always have on hand.

Hmm. That sounded creepy.

Must be the hand talking.

Before my kids could give up on hollering “mom, Mom, MOOOOMMM!” from the other room and decide to come find me, I had finished giving the mirror its makeover.

So basically, it felt like forever, but it only took a couple of minutes.

You’ll notice I took these pictures before hanging the mirror up in the bathroom. I didn’t even stop to get out the good camera.

This was for three reasons.

  1. I get excited about these things.
  2. Still have not taken up yoga.
  3. The brick background is pretty.

Oops…there is a 4th reason.

I actually needed Handy Husband’s big muscles help to hang the darn thing because the screw the mirror was originally hung on was stuck in the wall. Could not get that sucker out. And he was off doing something responsible…his job.

This mirror is going in a bathroom the kids don’t use, so I’m not worried about toothpaste and other gunk getting on it.

And if it does, big whoop. I’m fairly certain by then I might have come up with another use for my junky treasure the materials in this free makeover can handle it.

If all else fails, I should be able to easily restore this mirror to all of its 1980s peach glory.

So, basically, this entire post can be summed up as, I’m having fun over here with my trash to treasure projects!

This house has been a hard nut to crack from a decorating and settling-in perspective, so I’m happy when I feel even the smallest amount of progress has been made.

If you’ve done a trash to treasure makeover, I’d love to see it!

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