Dave’s Killer Bread Artisan-Style

I had the opportunity to try a bread experiment last week.

I made a double batch of my Dave’s Killer Bread Knock-Off recipe, but I realized I only had 3 loaf pans and I needed 4. Hmm.

This is the kind of problem opportunity I live for. Too much bread dough, too few pans. I can work with this.

I mulled the issue over for half a second and decided to let my 4th loaf rise in a pie plate instead. Perhaps I’d get a cool artisan-looking loaf out of it?

I greased the pie plate with shortening, just like I normally do. You could also spray it with cooking spray, but I’m not a fan of how cooking spray ends up sticking to the pans over time.


I used a sharp knife to slice an X in the top of the loaf after I set it in the pie plate to rise. If we’re going to do an experiment, we might as well have fun with it!

I baked the bread in that pie plate and it looked pretty cool when it was done baking.

Here’s how it looked sliced.

This particular bread shape isn’t the most convenient if you’re making toast. You’ll definitely need to slice it in half for that.

However, it would be fun for grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.


I haven’t dived into the world of artisan bread yet, but I’ve done some research and seen artisan bread rising in a variety of ways. I’ve seen a rounded loaf rising on a flat surface and also in gently rounded containers. I’m not sure if there is a right or wrong technique – especially if it comes out tasting delicious.

Due to the nature of this Knock-Off Dave’s Killer Bread recipe, I thought it would benefit from a little “guidance” in the form of a pan. I wanted to encourage it to spread up before it spread out. I’m pleased with the results!

If you’re going to try my Knock-Off Dave’s Killer Bread recipe, feel free to have fun with it! While this bread has a fair amount of ingredients, the health benefits are worth it and the flavor will make your tastebuds scream with happiness!

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